Poems From Far Places

Observations in Verse by Traveler Rodrigo Villegas
Text Copyright
Rodrigo Villegas
Rodrigo Villegas

As Seen Through A Porthole

Upon this frosted glass
I trace the gallant bow

A line I cut to cast
The sudden Sea
From its eternity

A million dots it seems
Cut through the night in streams
To blend in one peculiar

As Seen Through A Porthole

Puerto Cabella

Comes dawn on a slow bell
A play of lights along the shore
For those returning from the night
Or beginning another day

A yawning sea breeze on our backs
We steam along the narrows of the darkness
We steal past the silent Spanish fort
The mountains dull yet haunting
Sweep high from the great bay

Sunrise in a surprise of gold and silver
The hills take on their splendid wraps of green
Strange birds streak the distance
I listen for the sounds of the port city.

Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.


Tourist in Mexico

Mexican days can enchant her
Everywhere flowers are flowing

Richness of color has touched her Intricate prose has entwined her

Nothing can hold back her glowing
Driving from out of the rain
While the moon sails upright.

Tourists In Mexico

Their skins creased by a hostile sun
Phased out the last remnant of glamour

They became as last years New York Times
Or like abandoned department stores

The native women, saved by the passion in their eyes
dissolved onto quiet cathedrals.

Volcano, One

Cheeky old volcano
You rocked my quiet cradle
You turned the joy of dreaming
Into a dream unstable

Volcano, Two

From your high moldy green
The flash of some madness seen.

Showers In The Park

Came rain
Like a furious business
Tappy tap tap, overhead
The lion of substance
Roared in the distance
To this hiss of the god snake Rain


And we traded our tulips for castles on the Rhine.
And the winds through the trees uttered German.


A walk in the park
darkWhispers in the
The cry of the lark
In the morning

The Surfer And The Sea

Gathering green towers
Curving to their end

Spinning the whitehead flowers
Tumbling the seven story men.

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