At the Abbey of Senanque near Gordes, the monks grow lavender for a late June bloom. The Abbey welcomes visitors for a tour and invites a week-long stay for a religious retreat.

Abbey of Senanque Lavender Near Gordes, Provence, France

Abbey de Senanque Provence Lavender
Abbey de Senanque Provence Lavender, late June
Provence Lavender

Abbey Of Senanque Lodging In Lavender Country

Visitors can tour the interior of the Abbey of Senanque and they can lodge in the Senanque Abbey to take part in a religious retreat.

The Abbey of Senanque was constructed by Cistercian monks in the Romanesque style during the middle of the 12th Century.

The monks invite visitors to stay and join in the Abbey life for eight days.

Lavender Country

In the area of Lacoste and Gordes, lavender fields surround the villages. The Abbey of Senanque makes an interesting photo because of the fields of lavender surrounding the building.

Religious Retreat

The monks at the Abbey invite guest who would like a religious retreat to stay as overnight guests for up to eight days. (except Jan. Feb.)
The visitor would take meals in silence with the monks and participate in daily Christian services.

Guided Tours

Guided tours of the Romanesque interior of the abbey buildings are available daily.
Tel: 04-90-72-05-72 ; Abbey de Senanque website: ; Email:

Abbey of Senanque Photographs

In the Fields surrounding the Abbey of Senanque the last week of June sees rows of spiky green start to turn purple. By the end of June the valleys have turned to mats of parallel rows of purple.
With lavender in the foreground and the Abbey de Senanque as backdrop, tourist come to the valley on the backside of the village of Gordes looking to make that perfect photo of ripening lavender.
These spiked mats of purple in front of the Abbey of Senanque are not planted to attract tourists, however, they are an agricultural crop important to the Provence farmer. The rows of purple flowers are lavender, a cash crop that eventually turns from its showy field display into a dozen products that we use every day.

Provence Lavender
Lodging and vacation rentals are available in the surrounding village such as Gordes, Cavaillon, Lacoste, Rousillon and Goult
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Lavender in the valley below the village of Lacoste, late June
Abbey de Senanque Provence Lavender
Lavender fields in the valley below the town of Lacoste in Provence
The Abbey monks tend honey bees and grow lavender in surrounding fields.
Abbey de Senanque Provence Lavender
Senanque Abbey is in a valley near the village of Gordes in Provence. The blooms appear during the last week of June.  Cherries and apricots are also ready at this time and the sunflowers are full.
The abbey grounds are open for walking and making photographs
Julian Bridge Provence Roman Road
In the valley where the First Century BC Julien Bridge spans a feeder of the Durance River, lavender fields color the area near the Abbey of Senanque, the valley below the village of Lacoste  Shop Lodging in Rousillon

To Reach The Abbaye de Senanque

Go east from Avignon on the D-900 to the D2
Take a left and head towards the village of Gordes. Watch for the turnout on your left for the road above the valley were you will find the Abbey de Senanque.

Gift Shop

The monks at the Abbey of Senanque offer hand made items in the abbey gift shop. They tend gardens for their food and grow Lavender as a cash crop.

Lavender Museum

During a visit to the Abbey of Senanque, a short trip on the Gordes road will bring you to the village of Coustellet on the road from Avignon to Apt, (D-901 to D-900) near Bonnieux and Gordes.   A unique museum there tells the lavender story: Musee De La Lavande: The Lincele' Family's Lavender Museum.
Lavender Museum link for info about lavender and the distilling process

The Abbey de Senanque is in a valley near the village of Gordes in Provence
The Abbey de Senanque is in a valley northwest of the village of Gordes in Provence
Lavender Museum Provence, Musee de la  Lavande
Hilltop villages offer shopping and walks to view the lavender fields
Senanque Abbey detail
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Antique lavender stills at the Musee de Lavende,La Coustellet, Provence

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In late June and into July, lavender surrounds the Senanque Abbey near the village of Gordes in Provence.
Lavender Fields, Provence