El Santuario, Chimayo,on the road to Taos New Mexico

Abiquiu, Taos, New Mexico,
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Abiquiu, Taos, New Mexico Vacation Travel and Sightseeing took us to the village of Abiquiu on the trail of painter Georgia O'Keeffe. We found her house and her motifs in Abiquiu and along the Chama River.
Near Abiquiu visit El Santuario in Chimayo on the road to Taos

Abiquiu Chapel in the village of Abiquiu, NM

Church in the village of Abiquiu

Abiquiu, Taos, Famous Sites and Famous Artists, New Mexico Vacation Sightseeing

Laura Gilpin

You can find the pueblo motifs of photographer Laura Gilpin while following highway 84 towards  the valley of the Chama River

Ansel Adams

Follow Highway 84 in Hernandez, and find the Ansel Adams motif for his 1941 "Moonrise" photograph. Further north you can visit Abiquiu and the home of Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe

Look for traces: her house, her motifs, and her paths through the hills around the Chama River. There are many sights that have inspired New Mexico's artists. You see them as you head north from Albuquerque.

Pass Sandia Peak on the way to Abiquiu, NM

Pass Sandia Peak on the way to Abiquiu, NM

Abiquiu New Mexico Sightseeing

Abiquiu Hacienda
Georgia O'Keeffe had first come to New Mexico in 1917 and then returned in 1929, encouraged by painter Rebecca James, wife of photographer Paul Strand. She stayed with Mabel Dodge at her Taos ranch and eventually, Georgia O'Keeffe bought a run down Abiquiu hacienda of five adobe buildings owned by the Catholic Church.

Ansel Adams visited in 1941 and made photographs during her extensive renovation of the house before she moved her studio there in 1948. She lived in the house until 1984, two years before she passed away. Now the Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation in Santa Fe runs tours of the house and grounds while preserving the property much the way she left it.

Ghost Ranch

Nearby you can visit Ghost Ranch, the cluster of buildings on land where Georgia O'Keeffe bought her first New Mexico house, Rancho de los Burros.

In 1955 the Presbyterian church took over the former dude ranch and now welcomes the public to their retreat and education center.

Chama River

The valley includes a campground and RV park offering rustic camping near hiking trails within 17,000 acres of cliff and canyon where many of the painting motifs of Georgia O'keeffe are evident, including a view of her Pedernal. Modern campgrounds are beside the lake.


In a nearby dinosaur quarry, researchers have found many distinct new species, even one they named in memory of the artist, Effigia Okeeffeae.

"My peak" Georgia O'Keeffe called the double-topped mountain that she could see from her house at Ghost Ranch.

Christ of the Desert Benedictine Monastery

Georgia O'Keeffe's ashes were spread on the mountain after her death. Go 12 miles on a dirt road beside the Chama River and find the Benedictine monastery Christ of the Desert.

Rafting on the Chama River

Abiquiu, Rafting on the Chama River

Rancho de Taos, New Mexico

Church in Rancho de Taos

Abiquiu horses

Horses in the fields near Abiquiu

Abiquiu montain

Sandia Peak Range south of Abiquiu

El Santuario, Chimayo,on the road to taos  New Mexico

El Santuario, Chimayo

El Santuario, Chimayo

The high road From Santa Fe to Taos will lead to the village of Chimayo and its miraculous 1813 chapel called the Lourdes of the US.
This simple Spanish colonial church has been photographed by Ansel Adams in 1935, Eliot Porter in 1940, and Edward Weston in 1941.

The chapel is a pilgrimage site for religious pilgrims who claim cures. They come to El Santuario to scoop small sacks of sacred earth from a hole in the chapel floor and, in a ritual that predates Christianity, they rub the dirt on their limbs and torso for a cure.

The northern road out of Chimayo leads to Taos, a 1920s retreat for the sickly D. H. Lawrence when he sought a ranch cure for tuberculosis. His wife Frieda reportedly interned his ashes at Kiowa Ranch on Lobo Mountain.

The adobe church at Rancho de Taos is noted as the most painted and photographed church in the country. The massive shapes of simple adobe attracted Georgia O'Keeffe in 1929 when she transformed the converging lines caused by low morning sun from brittle angles to soft curvilinear abstractions that roll off the rounded buttresses and blend with the earth.
Ansel Adams photographed the church in 1929 and Paul Strand photographed the same building in 1932, producing hard-edged starkly realistic prints.

The three also made images of the thousand year old Taos Pueblo, now a World Heritage site and an active village where 65 Indian families still live in the oldest continually inhabited community in the US. The families bake bread in their bee hive ovens and make pottery, jewelry, and paintings while sharing their life with tourists who come to walk amid the simple two and three story adobe dwellings.

Rancho de Taos

Rancho de Taos

Rancho de Taos

Abiquiu Views from Ghost Ranch

Abiquiu Ghost Ranch view

How to Get to Abiquiu, Taos, Santa Fe

Albuquerque Airport (ABQ) serves the area of Santa Fe  and Abiquiu with International flights and rental cars. From Albuquerque head north on Route I-25  to Santa Fe, about 65 miles. From Santa Fe it is 70 miles north to Taos via Route 84-north to Route 68 north.

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Abiquiu, Taos, Santa Fe New Mexico Vacation Travel   White Sands NM Camping
Abiquiu, Taos, Area New Mexico Vacation Travel, Sightseeing   Taos New Mexico vacation
Abiquiu Taos New Mexico
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