Acapulco buses serve bus routes on Route 200 to Oaxaca beaches.
Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca Pacific Coast is served by Estrella Blanca Bus to Puerto Escondido and Pochutla from Acapulco.
Reach Zipolite Beach from Acapulco by bus routes over Highway 200 to Pochutla and then taxi or collective taxi to Zipolite.
Alta Mar buses serve Pochutla from Acapulco's Ejido Terminal as does Estrella Blanca first class Futura bus.

Acapulco To Zipolite Beach, Bus Travel,
Route 200 Oaxaca, Mexico

Acapulco Hotel Los Flamingos

Lodging at Acapulco Los Flamingos

Zipolite Beach Lodging, Oaxaca, Mexico

Lodging on Zipolite Beach

Acapulco To Zipolite

Bus service does not reach Zipolite Beach you must first reach Pochutla and the taxi the six miles to the beaches.
Start with Estrella Blanca First Class Buses, Futura Bus or an Alta Mar from Acapulco's Ejido Terminal to reach Puerto Escondido or Pochutla on coast road Route 200.
Continue by bus or colectivo from there to Pochutla

Transportation to Zipolite

Oaxaca's Zipolite Beach can be reached by taking a Bus to Pochutla and then taking a taxi or collective taxi the six miles to Zipolite Beach.
The First Class Estrella Blanca Bus (Could be Futura Bus) leaves the first class Ejido terminal in Acapulco and travels the coast road to Puerto Escondido and then to Pochutla. 
The first class Estrella Blanca leaves daily from Ejido Station at 6AM, 10AM, 3PM, 7PM, and 10PM.
Altamar Bus also makes this trip from the Ejido Terminal in Acapulco

To Reach Zipolite Beach from Puerto Escondido.

Sur Bus (ADO Station)
Local Buses run along the coast road Route 200 between Puerto Escondido and Pochutla. They cover the forty miles in about 50-90 minutes for 38 pesos.

Mazunte Crossroads
You can ask the driver to let you off at the Zipolite/ Mazunte crossroads and catch a collective camioneta from there or you can stay on the bus until you reach Pochutla.

OCC First Class Buses
OCC Buses (ADO) also run bus routes from the ADO terminal in Puerto Escondido to Huatulco with stops in Pochutla.

To Reach Zipolite Beach From The Bus Station At Pochutla.

Plenty of cabs are available in the town of Pochutla. If you group with others you can split the fee and save, The trip fee is the same regardless of the number of passengers.

Collective Taxis
From Pochutla you take a taxi or collectivo cab (shared taxi) (or camioneta ) for 10-15 pesos for the six miles to Puerto Angel/Zipolite Collective taxis (colectivo) can only pick up passengers at the church or at the crossroads of route 200.

camioneta (explained), a pickup truck with a covered rear bed that makes frequent stops and charges a small fee. 10 pesos

Travel Options From Oaxaca City to Zipoite and Puerto Escondido

OCC Bus From Oaxaca City
From Oaxaca City's first class ADO Bus terminal, OCC buses reach Huatulco then Pochutla. (10 hours) and Puerto Escondido.  OCC Bus runs from the Puerto Escondido ADO terminal near the Super Che department store on Route 200. Buses serve between Puerto Escondido, Pochutla, and Huatulco. Sur buses (ADO Terminal) also run between Puerto Escondido, Pochutla, and Huatulco.

Second Class Bus Service
second class buses leave Oaxaca City's Second Class terminal and go over the mountains to Puerto Escondido or to Pochutla. (8 hours)

Van, Oaxaca City to Pochutla, 160 pesos
Van service makes many daily runs to Pochutla. (6 hours)
This is a comfortable ride in the large vans but mountain driving can be tough on those prone to motion sickness. Travelers have recommended Dramamine, available over the counter in the Farmacias as effective.

Puerto Escondido fishing fleet unloads the catch at dawn

Puerto Escondido fishing fleet unloads the catch at dawn

Puerto Escondido restaurant

Puerto Escondido restaurant

Zipolite Beach Oaxaca, Mexico

Zipolite Beach Oaxaca

Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca

Reach Mazunte and Puerto Angel's Beaches

Mazunte and Pueeerto Angel are on the same road as Zipolite Beach.  By taxi, 50 pesos, Collective taxi, Collectivo, 15 pesos running hourly, or camioneta, a pickup truck with a covered bed that picks up and drops off passengers all along Calle Principal, the road that runs parallel to the beaches.

Playa Panteon in Puerto Angel

Playa Panteon gives you the most relaxed swimming beach and modern hotels with snorkel tours, scuba diving, and sightseeing boat tours leaving from the beach. 170 peso for 4 hour boat tour

OCC Bus (ADO First Class terminal, Oaxaca City)

First Class bus service from Oaxaca City reaches Pochutla via Huatulco. The route then goes northwest along the coast to Puerto Escondido.
Second Class buses run over Route 175 and Route 131, making more direct runs over the mountains to Pochutla and Puerto Escondido
ADO terminals in Juchitan and Salina Cruz are also first class transportation hubs for trips to Pochutla, Puerto Escondido and San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

Pelicans are common at Zipolite Beach

Pelicans are common at Zipolite Beach

Zipolite Beach Dawn

Zipolite Beach Dawn

Fish come to the markets in abundance at Puerto Escondido.

Fish come to the markets in abundance at Puerto Escondido.

From Zipolite you can take the coastal bus southwest along the coast 40 miles to the town of Puerto Escondido.
Puerto Escondido is a small, low-rise resort that offers rental equipment, tour attractions, nightclub happy hours, luxury hotels, and both competition surfing beaches and small-wave, cove beaches.

Puerto Escondido lodging runs from $8 a night up to $150, and includes camping via RV or tent.
Puerto Escondido is well developed but still small and relatively inexpensive.
Breakfast for 50 Peso, pncakes, fruit, and coffee, Dinner: 60-80 pesosgrilled Dorado, Guacamole, tostadas steamed vegetables.
(except at Christmas time, New Years, and Easter Week)

For five star resort hotels and surfing and snorkeling beaches, take a flight, drive, or bus trip south to Huatulco for nine bays and thirty three beaches

Many Posadas and suites such as Los Bugambillias Suites will provide lodging in the tidiest town on the entire coast of Mexico, La Crucecita.
At other locations in Huatulco five star hotels and golf are available no more than 20 minutes from 31 beaches where you can surf and snorkel.
La Crucecita's restaurants offer inexpensive breakfasts and afternoon menus of Grilled Mahi-Mahi, Braised Beef and traditional foods.

From Huatulco you can get a bus or flight to the City of Oaxaca (warm clothing required at night in the mountains during winter months) and then Mexico City, or travel north by Estrella Blanca Bus along the coast to Acapulco.
On Mexico's Pacific Coast fish and fruit come to the markets cheaply and in abundance, the temperature hovers at 86, you'll find bus service efficient and inexpensive, and the lodging reasonable and readily available except at Christmas time and Easter week.
Shop Oaxaca Beaches Lodging

Zipolite can also be reached by air from Oaxaca's airport (OAX) to Puerto Escondido and then by bus southeast along the coast to Pochutla. From there a short (6 mile) taxi or collective Camioneta ride reaches Zipolite.

Puerto Escondido dining on the beach

Puerto Escondido dining on the beach

Puerto Escondido dining on the beach

Puerto Escondido dining on the beach

When To Go To Acapulco and Zipolite on Mexico's Pacific Coast

Best Time to Go, November through May

Acapulco and Zipolite make ideal beach vacation places year round. There may be two seasons when the Beach resorts are most crowded, Christmas and Easter, the traditional travel holidays for Mexican families

High Seasons, Christmas Week, Easter Week, end of August

The proximity of Mexico City to Acapulco (240 miles) means that the Acapulco resorts could be crowded on these two holiday weeks. Mid July into the end of August can also be times of travel for Mexico City vacationers. December 15 through April (Easter) is high season in Acapulco. Christmas week and Easter week for Zipolite


The weather in Acapulco and Zipolite is humid and warmest June through September. July and August brings rain showers, high humidity, and 90 degree days. Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration. Year round temperatures average 85f days, 75f nights. Hurricane season runs August to December.

Acapulco Spring Break

If you are going to Acapulco, Spring Break might be in your planning.  Acapulco allows 18 year olds to drink alcohol and the resorts have offered all inclusive packages including performance groups that attract US Spring breakers, usually in late February and all of March.

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Bus Acapulco
to Zipolite
Sur Buses travel between Puerto Escondido and Pochutla where taxis reach Zipolite Beach.
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