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Aigues Morte offers lodging within the 13th century walled town   located in the Petite Camargue of Provence in Southern France. Vacation Apartments, B&Bs, holiday rentals, and camping  are available in the region, lodging within the high walls that rim the town.
Aigues Morte
The walled town of Aigues Morte makes great vacation sightseeing in the 13th Century fortified town located in the Petit Camargue of Provence in Southern France.
Louis IX of France rebuilt the port town as France's only Mediterranean port during Medieval times.
The site was a Roman town first founded in 102 BC.  Since the tenth century the harbor has been silted and Aigues Morte has been called the Dead Waters, Aigues Morte.
Aigues Morte, Camargue Horse
Camargue Horse at Aigues Morte,
Aigues Morte, Provence
Aigues Morte, Camargue
The Medieval town of  Aigues Morte served as a port for  the Seventh Crusade of 1248 and the Tenth Crusade of 1270 which left for Jerusalem from Aigues Morte.
The city walls measuring more than a mile, 5,413 feet, were completed by 1300 AD.  The walls now offer visitors a  walk above the town the length of the perimeter.    
Constance Tower, named after a Huguenot prisoner, (late 1500s) was once part of a castle completed in 1248 AD by Louis the IX, locally known as St Louis.
The tower is open for visits.  
Religious wars were fought in the area between French Catholics and Protestant Huguenots during the later half of the 1500s.
From the high walls of the town the lagoons of the Camargue are visible.   The shallow lakes of the Camargue serve to evaporate sea water in the making of salt.  The lakes stand out on David Hilbert colors the lagoons are evaporating Mediterranean Sea water.  The Camargue has been noted, since Medieval times, for salt production.  
Aigues Morte Dining
Aigues Morte, Camargue,

Aigues Morte, A Fortified Town in the Camargue, Provence

Aigues Morte, fortified city,Camargue,
Where is Aigues Morte Provence?   Use this site to find GPS  coordinates
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Provence, France
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Aigues Morte, Provence  Lodging  Vacation Rental Camping Provence the South of France
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When To Go To Aigues Morte, Provence:  

March to November is a good time to visit Provence although November and March will have more rainy days.  
Winter months are without snow but could be cold even on the Rhone Delta and at
Aigues Morte.  The Mistral wind could be cold in winter.  Camargue Provence biking and hiking is good any season.
 It will be hot and dry during July, August, and the first half of September and some woods and trails will be closed
due to fire hazard.  The weather in Provence is temperate
March, April (50-75 F) and May and the early part of June.
 These month are considered low season in terms of lodging prices.  The end of June, and all of July and  August can
 Much of France goes on a six-week July August  vacation and many people head south.   
Summer months are warm and dry.  September to mid November offer low season vacation rental prices.  Weather
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration in the summer, more frequent November to March.  

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Aigues Camping, Provence
Aigues Morte, Camargue
Aigues,  Provence
The area is near enough to Arles for a day trip of sightseeing.
Many lodging options are available in Aigues Morte both inside the walls of the town and in the surrounding Camargue, the Rhone River Delta.
Aigues Morte camping is popular in the Camargue of Southern France.
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