Air Travel Security and Electronic Media,
Camera, Computer
Some airports will hand inspect film others will not. The TSA operates on the premise that x-ray will not hurt low-speed film. ( below ISO 800)  In the US you can request a hand inspection.

Put film in clear plastic bags for a quick hand inspection.  Some travelers use the lead-lined shield which will trigger a hand inspection.  
TSA claims that  films below ISO 800 will survive  up to 5  X-rays at the level used in airports and this is the standard they have adopted.
(Exceptions for pushed film, underexposed film and special films)  See

Even on a domestic round trip flight you could go through more than five inspections
Your best bet is to get to the security check early before the rush puts the inspectors on edge. Try for a hand inspection. Have the film in a clear plastic bag or bags and explain calmly that you have professional film, that will go through several checkpoints, and that you can not risk damage. You can do no more than that unless you can buy your film in the country you visit and have it processed there.

Film should not go in checked luggage were the x-ray used is much more powerful.

Connections: Most countries use the TSA Guidelines or similar security procedures.   Save Time by making Realistic connections that take into account the security checks and customs immigration checks.
  • Connection Times
When booking a flight, be realistic about your ability to get from one gate to another and go through security in time to make a connection.  Often, even on a domestic flight you might be required to pass through security more than once. Have a little cushion of time between connections, two hours on domestic and three on international will reduce anxiety during connections.

Security Metal Detector:
Wear no metal through security. Glasses, belts, shoes, coins, and keys, will set off the alarm and subject you to delay and possible search.  Put all digital media and everything of metal in your carry-on and pass it through the x-ray.  A search could separate you from your carry-on and delay you.
One of the quickest ways to save time and your electronic equipment is to check the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, website
During air travel get your electronic media, computer, camera, flash drive, digital remote hard drives safely through airport security.
Electronic media can safely go through the X ray security check with carry-on luggage.

TSA Website

Save anxiety at the air travel terminal by having the latest information on carry-on restrictions, transporting film, digital equipment, medicines, liquids, face creams, perfumes and other normally carry-on items.

The Transportation Safety Authority  TSA   publishes a helpful web page that details the latest security procedures.  These tips can save you time and money through security check points.
Air travel airport security

Computer, Camera, Memory

During the Air Travel security inspection,  your Electronic Media, Computer,Camera, Flash Drive, and Digital Remote Hard Drives can safely go through the X-ray as part of your carry-on luggage.
Electronic media should not go through the metal detector.
Although people have carried jump drives through without problem, the experts recommend that it is best not to wear a flash drive or jump drive or carry one in your pocket when passing through the metal detector.  At the least you will be stopped for a search.
In the body scanners carry only your passport in your hand and you will go through quickly

  Security  Detectors.

Wear no metal through security. Glasses, belts, shoes, coins, and keys, will set off the alarm and subject you to delay and search.


Put computers and power supply in a separate plastic container and pass it through the x-ray.

  • Remote Hard Drives
Remote hard drives should go in the plastic boxes provided by security and passed through the X-ray.

  • Flash Drive
Flash drives should go in your carry-on bag and passed through the X-Ray.
Computer, Camera, Flash Drive, Digital Remote Hard should go in carry on luggage through X-ray check.

Digital Media/Storage, Flash Drive, Remote Hard Drives

Digital Camera and Storage Media
can go through the x-ray but should not go through the metal detector.

Computer equipment could go in checked luggage but this is not
The luggage will receive extremely harsh treatment and a possible hand inspection.  You are not allowed to lock luggage and therefore your equipment will be vulnerable to rough handling and theft.

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Air travel tips on getting your digital equipment through security include a familiarizarion with the TSA Guidlines

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