Air Travel To Oaxaca, Mexico  (OAX),
Flights to Oaxaca Mexico
TSA  web site has the latest on security procedures.  Mexico follows these procedures and might include a random inspection of luggage.

Book as
early as possible after shopping on the web for the best price and the best connections. This early shopping  gives you time to  build in to the flight enough time between connections to go through customs and immigration.
Mexico City can require
two hours to get through immigration.  Two to three hours at the Mexico City point of entry on this international flight gives a good cushion. This leaves room for a delayed flight or masses of arrivals trying to get through immigration, customs, and security.
Flights to Oaxaca:  Save Time and Money
Try to have  flexibility in your travel days. Significant savings can result if you can change your dates to accommodate both the flight out and the return. Saturday to Saturday flights can save.
Oaxaca can be an all day flight from the east coast and involve three planes.  You need to start early. Tuesday, a mid week day can bring a slight savings as can the early flights.

Once you reach Oaxaca's Xoxocotlan Airport  
(OAX) you will find inexpensive shared taxis called collectivos to take you into the city.
Check Mexico's import rules: Two laptops in your luggage could force you to pay duty on one of them; Mexico has a tax on luxury goods,

Christmas is a festive and busy time in Oaxaca, a great time to visit if you like lots of activities.   Even Zipolite, Oaxaca's normally deserted Pacific coast beach can gather a crowd at Christmas time.
Easter and the November Day of the Dead are other festive weeks in Oaxaca.
Get the latest info at       Passport Info:      
When Traveling to Oaxaca Look for Bargain Air Travel with A Web Search but keep in mind that the best price may not be a money saver.  Layover times are important.
three hours for customs and immigration in Mexico City.  
Your plane may arrive late and the airport may be crowded.  You will go through security, customs, and immigration, often a long process.

United runs flights to Oaxaca from Houston.  This is a good option.  You go through customs in Oaxaca's small modern airport and the process is quick.
Air Travel, Oaxaca: A trip to Oaxaca comes with a few challenges especially the change of planes in Mexico city. The newly remodeled airport  in Mexico City is nearly finished, however, and the connections are better organized.
Still you must keep searching for your gate and watching for the arrival of your plane. The information kiosks have friendly and helpful English-speaking staff but the computer system does not update rapidly enough and the PA system is not effective;  keep checking.
Save Money shop early on the  web for  itineraries and connections.
While shopping for air travel on the web will take a little patience and perseverance, the savings can be significant.  
Adequate connection times will be important to keep in mind as will Security procedures.  Also important to your anxiety reduction is getting an assigned seat well before your flight. ¬†Book your hotel ahead of your trip and avoid trying to shop for a hotel while you arejet-lagged. Shop Hotels Here for photos, Maps, reviews, and Room Rates
Airlines have been reporting 20% delay rates.  Couple that with a trip through customs, immigration, and security  in Mexico City and you realize that you must leave ample time to make a connection, at least one and a half to two and a half hours between planes domestically  and three internationally in case the plane is late leaving or arriving.
Connections will be the challenge on a Oaxaca flight.  The less expensive flights have long layovers as much as eight hours.  In some cases this makes what should be a one day flight extend to two days and will require the added expense of a hotel.
Oaxaca Taxis
Once you reach Oaxaca's airport (OAX) you will find shared taxis (vans) for an inexpensive ride into the city. They will drop you wherever you want to go in the city center
Oaxaca ATM s
Many ATMs are available that dispense the peso at a fair rate of exchange. You can find a swipe corner of the Zocalo, corner of Hidalgo and Lopez
Some of the hotels in the program offer 24 hour and  Two weeks of free  Two weeks of free save money on the save money on the parking offsets the cost of the hotel room and you do not need to arrange for a limo from your home to the airport.
Most hotels offer
two weeks free parking with one night stay, some three weeks or a reasonable day rate for extra days. Cruise passengers can take advantage of these deals also at some hotels.   See Free Airport Parking link at right
One way to save on Ticket Price is to shop early and compare.  

Another is to Book an Early Morning Flight. This can give a reduced price and plenty of time to make the two to three connections a flight to Oaxaca could require.
Save also with Mid Week or Saturday to Saturday Flights.
Air Travel To Oaxaca, Mexico  (OAX)
From the east coast could require two connections. United, formerly Continental, offers direct flights from Houston, Texas.
When Shopping for air Travel to Oaxaca, (OAX) Look for Bargain Air Travel with A Web Search but keep in mind that the best price may not be the best deal.  Make sure layover times are appropriate.
United, formerly Continental, serves  direct flights between Houston and Oaxaca
United, formerly Continental, offers direct flights between Houston TX and Oaxaca

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