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If you are traveling to Paris from the United States, a good bet is to fly into New York City or other east coast city and then board a non-stop flight to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris (CDG) where you will go through customs and immigration.  That way you will have no anxiety about making a connection after the customs/immigration check in Heathrow or Shannon.   CDG is also called Paris  Roissy.
Air Travel To Paris, Flights to CDG Airport, 14 miles outside of Paris.
Save on airport transfer with RER. New TGV Train station See info below
Information for those Renting a vehicle in Paris
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, CDG, is a big sprawling airport divided into Terminal and further divided into Halls, resulting in a total of eight sections.  These terminals serve the many and varied airlines.

Air France operates out of CDG 2,  which is further divided into terminals  (Halls)  A, B,C, D, E, and  F.
Terminal One and Terminal Three are not further divided
When returning a rental car or flying out of CDG it is important to know the terminal number; One, Two, or Three.   
Otherwise, CDG has everything the traveler needs including
hotels, rental cars, bus/subway service,  and a new train station.

Airport surface transportation, the Roissybus connects the three airport Terminals and the train station for the RER Trains and its connection to the subway system.  (Metro)

From Terminal two's RER Train station,  the RER trains run every 15 minutes and take 35 minutes to reach Paris and Gare du Norde train station with connections to the Metro.  If you are carrying heavy suitcases, however,  you will find
no escalators or elevators in many of the subway (Metro) (RER)stations in Paris.

The best option is to  taxi into Paris or shuttle van to your hotel unless you can lug your suitcases up several flights of stairs when exiting the subway (Metro) station or RER train station in Paris.
Look into shared or Private
shuttle vans, AC, Non smoking, air conditioned  vans from the airport.

Shared Shuttle Van to Paris.  Check   
The cost of a shared shuttle,  approximately per person single  26 USD per person for two.  These are shared shuttle vans with air conditioning that take you from CDG to your hotel in Paris.   Book 36 hours ahead online with credit card.   

VIP Service is available with the same companies for 80 USD approximately
Taxi service is available from CDG to Paris for $60-80 USD, price depending on day and hour.

Renting  a car at CDG airport is an option but Paris is a difficult city for drivers unfamiliar with the city and parking is a problem.  Rental cars are available at several train stations in the city
shannon Airport Ireland
Ireland's Shannon Airport
What To Wear in Paris:
Paris has a climate similar to the mid USA at sea level, cool winters but not much ice or snow, warm to hot summers, light rain in Spring.
RyanAir  from Shannon serves Paris-Beauvais Airport,  (BVA)  about 80 KM north of Paris.  A shuttle bus from Beauvais reaches Paris in one hour.  Train service is not available.  
To Paris
Ryan Air out of Shannon (SNN) for example, to Paris/Beauvais (BVA) lists at 34 Euros  round trip plus charges for luggage and other extras, (check the long list of extras before booking) for the one hour flight.  
RyanAir, serves dozens of obscure or satellite  European cities and offers at times $20 and $30 dollar flights with many add on charges for luggage, booking fees, etc. Check the extras before booking.  
From Gatwick, a shuttle for $35. to the Standsted Airport served by RyanAir with  fights to other parts of France could result in significant savings for those with the stamina to make several plane changes and those with a flexible schedule.

A flight from
London's Standsted to Marseilles for example recently listed at 15 Euros ($20 USD) plus tax  and an additional charge for luggage, airport fees, and taxes which could make the total cost an attractive $45 USD.  
While the price sounds tempting, the flight has
unreserved, first come, first served seating and limited daily flights.  Luggage  over 15 kg is extra and there are many add on charges.   
independent and flexible travelers this airline is worth a look but for most travelers who need a level of comfort and a firm schedule and seat assignment, these offerings could lead to an unacceptable level of anxiety.  The best bet is to fly directly into CDG.       
     Bus London/Paris 33 British Pound  $53 USD
Houston also offers direct flights to CDG.
If you are not able to make a direct flight you might go through Ireland's Shannon or London's Heathrow where you will go through customs and immigration and could be delayed for your flight to Paris.
Airport, Charles De Gaulle
 Charles De Gaulle International Airport
Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport Transportation
The New TGV station at terminal 2 serves many destinations with high speed trains including Marseilles, Dijon,  Lyon, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lillie, Strasbourg, Le Harve, Grenoble, Le mans, Nantes, Nimes, Toulouse,  Valence, and Tours

TGV serves Marne La Vallée–Chessy the station for EuroDisney (10 minutes)
Reservations are required on the TGV trains.  Make them well in advance, the trains can fill up.
CDG Airport, Charles De Gaulle International
Do You need an International Driving Permit to drive in Europe.
In France and Italy you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license   In France, drivers from the US and Canada do not need the IDP.   Italian law requires that See More Info
CDG Airport, Charles De Gaulle
Air Travel To Paris,  CDG Airport, Charles De Gaulle is 14 miles  northwest of Paris.

The RER trains provide economical transportation to Paris

RER Station might not have an elevator or escalato and can pose problems if you have heavy luggage..
According to the experts interviewed by writer Scott McCarthy in a Wall Street Journal article, the best days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. These days bring the best ticket prices.
The day that you buy the tickets is also important.  The best time to buy your tickets is one or two months before your travel day and the
best days to buy are Tuesday evening, Wednesday,  and Thursday.  
Saturday and Sunday are not good days to make your purchase, they are apt to bring the
highest prices because weekends are when many people are shopping for air tickets.
CDG Airport, Charles De Gaulle International
Air Travel Reservations to Paris must be realistic; can you really run from the international terminal to the domestic terminal in half an hour?  Give yourself about two and a half to three hours for a connection that requires a trip through customs and immigration.
Air Travel
CDG, Paris
Air Travel CDG Airport Paris
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