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Save Money by flying on Tuesday,  Wednesday and Saturday.
Purchase days are also important
Shop Early, Compare Days and save
If you have flexibility, compare the difference in price on different days of the week.  You can often save on the ticket price

Available in the Americas and Europe, Auto Europe will book Air, Hotel, And rental Auto.  They offer cell phone rental and GPS rental.  They are a broker; they make the best deal and then sell online.  
Shop ahead on the web.
Shop online well ahead of your trip and compare prices, connections, and travel days.  Auto Europe presents the complete price on their web search, taxes and all.  This makes it easy to shop
Once you find a suitable flight with adequate connection time, call the airline and see if there might be a better price. If not, book on line and secure a seat assignment or call the airline to secure a seat assignment as far forward as possible.  This accomplishes two objectives: the ride is quieter and more comfortable and you leave the airplane sooner to make your connecting flight.

Assigned Seats
Some airlines hold back on assigning seats in an attempt to get the passengers to upgrade to the seats at the front of the plane.  You will have a better chance at getting a seat assignment if you have frequent flier accounts with your usual airlines, this might get you an assigned seat on airlines that hold back assigning seats until they issue a pass at the terminal.  
Assigning of seats is a work in progress for the airlines; they all vary in their approach.
For families that want to travel together you might just decide to pay the extra to have peace of mind, otherwise the seats will be assigned at the airport on check in.

Pack lightly,  airlines have a luggage fee based on weight and number of bags.

Shop Air Travel Online

Air Travel Connections
Air travel connections are important. You can save money on air travel if you shop as early as possible but price is not the only consideration.  

  • Shop Early On The Web
Shop early on the web for the best price but more importantly, the best connections.
  • Unrealistic Connection Times
Some low priced flights come with unrealistic connections.  Can you really run from a domestic terminal to an international terminal and then go through customs and immigration in an hour?  
When you shop for air tickets on the web with some web providers, you will see
unrealistic connections at the low end of the price scale; some with either inadequate time or far too much time between connections.
  • Airport Delays
With airlines reporting a 30% delay rate in arrivals and departures during the last few years, you should be sure you leave enough time to make a connection.  
  • Security, Customs, Immigration
Air Travel's Best Deal,on an international flight will have at least two and a half hours between planes.  It is not unreasonable to give yourself three hours to make a connection when you must go through security, customs,  and immigration.
When shopping, give a close look at connection times.
Air Travel's Best Deal and Lowest Priced Air Travel can be found if you Shop Air Travel Online. Find the lowest air travel price with the best air travel connections.  Shop early for air travel online to Save Time and Money
Best Days to Buy, Best days to Travel
According to the experts interviewed by Scott McCarthy in a Wall Street Journal article, the best days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. These days bring the best ticket prices.
The day that you buy the tickets is also important.  The best time to buy your tickets, according to the experts is one or two months before your travel day and the
best days to buy are Tuesday evening, Wednesday,  and Thursday.  
Saturday and Sunday are not good days to make your purchase, they are apt to bring the
highest prices because weekends are when many people are shopping for air tickets.

Free Airport hotel parking is a great way to save and might allow you to travel early and to travel on certain days.
Air Travel can be found online where shopping for the best price and connections is easy
Air travels best deals are found online where you can compare prices and connection times.
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