Americans Driving In France, International Traffic Symbols
Gassing Up
Gassing your vehicle is similar to the procedure in the US including the self service feature, automatic shut off pumps, and the use of the credit card. Diesel is common in France and called Gazoil.

Use caution when gassing; diesel and gasoline are on the same Island.
For Americans Driving in France Highway Travel is very similar to travel in the US with toll roads marked "Peage", meaning you pay as you go.
You will not find convenience store on every corner or strip malls at every crossroads so stocking up with water, food, a thermos of coffee, and gas before taking a trip can save you money and time.
Prices for food, coffee, water, and the daily incidentals can vary greatly throughout France and Italy: the more tourists a place sees, (usually) the higher the prices.
Highway rest stop prices are high for gas and food.

A cup of coffee "Café Creme Grand" in France can cost 1.20 Euros in the country store or "Café" bar,  to 3.50 Euros and up in Paris.
Lodging can vary similarly. Not much different than price fluctuations in the US
Traffic Laws, International Traffic Symbols, Leasing, Renting
France highway driving is very similar to travel in the US   with high speed toll roads, and rest areas/gas stops
In France the Traffic Laws, International Traffic Symbols, and  Renting of an automobile varies little from those in the US
No Passing for commercial vehicles
No Passing zone ends
Highway or Expressway
Intersection with right of way to right
Priority road showing right of way
with yield to traffic in rotary
Speed limit in KM per hour 130 when clear, 110 when raining
Leaving Eygalieres the symbol is the village name with a slash through it
International Symbols mark the speed limits: a red circle around a white background with the limits in Kilometers per hour
Highway rest stops displaying the The big i indicate an information booth
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Europe.
In France and Italy you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license from your home country and perhaps your passport.  In France you do not need the IDP.  
Italian law requires that you do carry an IDP as does Spain, Portugal, Greece, and several of the former Soviet Union countries. If you are traveling to other countries it is a good document to have.
The International driver's permit is issued by the American Automobile Association AAA in the United States. (
the only Government sanctioned body to do so) and the CAA in Canada. The cost is $15 and not a bad bit of insurance against running into trouble while driving in Europe.
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations..
Information for those renting a vehicle in France
The no parking symbol.
The cities will have paid parking, usually an automated system with a machine that vends a ticket for placing on the windshield or a ticket that you take on entering and then insert and pay when leaving
Highway speed Limit, reduced in rain and fog from the usual 130 KM per hour for clear day speeds on France's toll roads.
Americans Driving In France will find the Traffic Laws, International Traffic Symbols, and  Renting of an automobile varies little from those in the US
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