Toltec Sculpture Merida Museum
Most ancient Cities of  Southern Mexico were abandoned or in decline when the Spanish arrived.  
Only Tenochtitlan, the home of the Aztecs, was a monumental city in the building stage all others were abandoned or beyond their prime building stages.
The Mayan cities had started to decline by 1000 AD. Chichen  Itza Palenque, Bonampak all were abandoned by 1200 AD
Others like Lambityeco in Oaxaca pictured here, had suffered a depopulation around 800 AD and although a small population remained, they built no more temples or monumental buildings.
Ancient City Of  Southern Mexico, Monte Alban, Oaxaca abandoned by 800 AD
These Ancient Southern Mexico are now Ruin Sites open to the public.

Bus service reaches all of the ancient cities with a few exceptions.

Bonampak is reached by tour or collective taxi from the city of Palenque
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Toltec Sculpture Merida Museum

Ancient Cities of Southern Mexico

El Castilo Chitchen Itza
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