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Apoala Oaxaca, Mountain Biking and Camping in the Valley of Apoala,  Oaxaca, Mexico
.travel Information from the
Centros De Informacion Touristica De Oaxaca
Tourist Information Center
More Info
Tourist Information Center Secretaria de Tourismo
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go north to the Llano Park and the theatre building at 703, the office is on the right side of the building.
Get more info at Expeditions Sierra Norte
Spanish speaking Guides are available at the parador for between $12 and $20 USD per day
Expeditions Sierra Norte 210 M. Bravo (street) two blocks west of the pedestrian- only Alcala (street)  can supply English and Spanish language information, reservations, and transportation information.
Mon- Fri.  930- 500  Sat. until Noon
Apoala Mountain Biking and Camping in the Valley of Apoala in the Mixtec region of Oaxaca's Mountains offers Biking and Hiking at 6500 feet
Oaxaca's tourist agency offers cabins and tent camping in a fertile river valley in the village of Apoala.  
The community of Santiago Apoala is located at 6,460 feet above sea level in a fertile river valley of great natural beauty bounded by rocky cliffs and nourished by a clear flowing stream.  

The valley of Apoala is a popular tourist destination for its
cliffs, rock formations, spectacular cascades, dirt roads for mountain biking, camping, and caves, one with a grotto that the visitors can enter with a local guide.  

Tourist lodging is available in tents or in cabins built by the Government of the State of Oaxaca along the banks of the stream that comes down through a cleft in the high rock escarpments at the southern end of the valley.  Campers can tent in a large flat grassy area along the stream in the shadow of the steep cliffs.  

Days can be hot and the sun brittle in the valley while the nights can be cool even in summer.  The cabins are open year round; in the semi-tropical climate where there is rarely frost.

The most important religious festival in Apoala occurs during Easter week with a parade through the streets during the mid day on Good Friday, the Friday before Easter.  The Easter weekend is the busiest time for the tourist cabins at Apoala and if that is the week end that you go accommodations should be booked beforehand.  
  • Mountain Bike Rental
The residents ask that once you reach Apoala you  register with the officials at the Tourist Parador in the center of the village.  You can book the tourist accommodations at the parador, rent mountain bikes, and tents for camping.  You can arrange for a guide at the parador.  
Town officials ask that you hire a guide and not wander the valley on your own, particularly the caves and the trail to the Cascada where the walking can be difficult. The guides are not expensive.  They help you find the sites of interest and keep you from getting lost or hurt.  The guides will provide hard hats and light for a trip into the cave where the river spills into a grotto.

  • Camping and Cabins
The 12 tourist cabins are modern and clean structures with hot water and several choices of sleeping arrangements with cabins for two or larger cabins for families.  Three rooms and a restaurant are available at the parador, the tourist office at the entrance to the village.

  • Reach Santiago Apoala
From Oaxaca City, head north via bus from the second class station, private transportation,  van Service, or private vehicle.  ADO first class bus reaches Nochixtlan from Oaxaca's first class terminal.  Find a colectivo (shared taxi) from there.
In a private vehicle take the toll road, Quota, to Nochixtlan  and turn right at the first Nochixtlan exit and follow the signs through town and head northeast on a dirt and gravel road for 28 miles.  Total drive distance will be 75 miles and the drive time will be 2.5 hours one way.
Visitors to Santiago Apoala can rent mountain bikes and tour the dirt roads in the village and surrounding hills
Apoala camping beside the stream in the Apoala valley of Oaxaca.
Apoala offers many dirt roads for mountain biking and hiking
Apoala offers camping beside the stream that runs through the village of Apoala Oaxaca on its way to the Tail of the Serpent Cascade.
Visitors can rent mountain bikes and tour the dirt roads in the village and surrounding hills
Apoala offers many dirt roads for mountain biking and hiking
the village center
Apoala occupies a fertile valley in the mountains north of Oaxaca City
Village church Santiago Apoala
Farmers grow wheat, corn and barley in the irrigated fields of Apoala
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