Aviation from the Wright Brothers to the Space Station, Tucson's Pima Air & Space Museum, Arizona covers the History of Aviation
Over 300 aircraft  are on display inside five huge hanger buildings and outside on the 80 acre grounds.  
The Pima Air & Space Museum makes a great day trip.  
  • Special Exhibits
For those dedicated to the history of flight it could be a two day event.  Many special exhibits and lectures occur throughout the year with presentations and conferences.
  • Handicap Accessible
Docents conduct daily tours and the museum is handicap accessible via a tram that tours the outdoor displays.
  • Wheelchairs are provided at the entrance.  
Families with young children can  walk the site on paved lanes accessible to the baby carriage.

  • Indoor Display Areas, Six Hangar Buildings
The huge area of aircraft display also offers six hangar buildings that make a good mix of covered and open-air displays.

Notable Aircraft at the Pima Air and Space Museum
  • B-25 Liberator,  WW II
  • B-29, World War Two vintage bomber aircraft

  • B-52 Bombers, several B-52 bombers
  • F-4 Phantoms
  • Russian Mig-15,17,and 21 of the Korea and Vietnam era.
Aviation Museum, Tucson Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson Arizona
Tucson's Largest Museum, Pima Air & Space Museum
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Pima Air and Space Museum's Boneyard Tour:
An air conditioned tour bus  (above) provides docent-led tours of the nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and its aircraft storage and regeneration facility.
One hour tour cost $7.00
World War Two B-24 in Hangar 3
Tucson, Arizona's Pima Air and  Space Museum  Tours
Docent-led walking tour of hangars 1, 3,  and 4 are available and included in the admission price.
The museum is handicap accessible via a tram that tours the outdoor displays and through wheelchairs provided at the entrance.  Families can also  walk the site on paved lanes accessible to the baby carriage.
The Pima Air and Space Museum is handicap accessible via paved walkways and gravel lanes between rows of vintage aircraft in the outdoor displays like these Russian Mig fighters.  
Tours Offered: in the admission price.
Tiny home-built jets  (left) and The SR-71  spy plane the Blackbird mark the Pima Air and space Museums complete coverage of aviation  development
Directions To Pima Air & Space Museum;
6000 East Valencia, Tucson AZ   85756   Tel 520-574-0426    www.pimaair.org
From Route 10, the east/west highway, take exit 267 to E Valencia     
The Aviation Museum in Tucson displays The  fastest airplane in the world, the SR-71  spy plane.  
The Blackbird holds the worlds speed (exceeding Mach 3) and altitude records.
The guides tell how this airplane was designed to outrun missiles that where launched to shoot it down
The Aviation Museum at Tucson Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson Arizona is Tucson's Largest Museum.  The Pima Air & Space Museum displays airplanes from the earliest days of flight up to the fastest jet in the world the SR 71 Blackbird.
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Pima Air Museum, Russian Mig-15 of the Korean and Vietnam War era.
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Tours of the Pima Air & Space Museum;
Three tours are offered;
Docent-led Tram Tour via covered vehicle tour the area for one hour leaving at 10:00 AM, 11:30, 1:30, and 3:00 PM  Cost $6.00
Russian Mig-15, of the Korean and Vietnam war era.