Avignon Day Trips, Lavender

Avignon Day Trips East To Lavender Country, Apt, Gordes, Provence

Base in Avignon and take day trips to many interesting Lavender villages and towns of Provence
Avignon Palace of the Popes

Apt is less than an hour from Avignon

To the east visit Apt, once a center for lavender production.
Lavender is harvested in early and mid July.   Cherries and apricots in late June,sunflowers in Mid July, grapes and olives are harvested in September/October

The lavender fields of Sault in early July are less than two hours from Avignon
   Villages to the East of Avignon
  • Lavender
The city of Apt and the village of Saignon are in the heart of lavender country,  less than an hour away from Avignon towards the east.  
Cavaillon is a 15 minute drive south and east.  From there head east into lavender country.

From Cavaillon head east to Coustellet, Gordes, Goult, Menerbes, Lacoste, Bonnieux, Roussillon and Apt.  Saignon is next to Apt and has a great view of lavender country.  Each of these villages could take a half day to tour.

  • Antiques
L'Isle-sur-la-Sourgue, a half hour east and slightly south. (11miles) is noted for Antique markets and an Easter Antique Festival.
Aix-en-Provence is about an hour south and east.  
Many short trips east of Avignon lead to interesting towns on the edge of lavender country.

  • Wine Tasting
Châteauneuf du Pape to the north, noted for its wines, is just a short distance north and east of Avignon.
Orange with its Roman ruins is 20 miles north.
Less than an hour east of Avignon, the villages of Gordes, Menerbes, Rousillon, and La Coste are in Lavender country with a late June ripening of the lavender.
The Abbey de Senanque is near Gordes.
Follow the D900 east towards Apt.
Apt is an easy day trip east  from Avignon by car or public bus
A rental car is best because bus service is limited .
Apt, having o
nce been the center of commercial lavender production, is full of color and texture in the old city.  Nearby the village of Saignon offers high views of of the fields of lavender country.
Good roads
from Avignon reach Apt.  Hiking, biking and excursions in the nearby hill towns east of Avignon will offer views of lavender fields in production, particularly the area between Sault and Apt.
Sault is higher in the mountains and has a later ripening of the lavender.  The fields in the higher elevations will be purple in late June and into mid July.
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Europe.
In France and Italy you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license    Italian law, however,  requires that.....  see Article
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations..
Information for those renting a vehicle in Provence
View from the village of Sault, east of Avignon
Aix and Apt are old walled cities

Day Trip East from Avignon,  Lavender Country

Apt, Bonnieux
Follow the D900 east towards Apt.  At the D36 take a right and head towards Bonnieux.  You will cross the Coulon River, (possibly dry) and to your right you will see the Roman-built, Julian Bridge, a structure, so well made in 3 BC, that until a few years ago, it carried traffic.  The bridge was part of the Via Domitia, the oldest Roman road in France.
From the D36 you can reach Lacoste, one time home of the Marquis de Sade.

Goult, Gordes
In the other direction you can reach Goult for a walk to its hilltop windmill.  You can continue to Gordes or east to Apt, an old walled city largely overlooked by tourists.  Continue east to Saignon, a hilltop village with a promontory and great views of lavender country.   Apt was once a center for commercial lavender production.

  • Lavender Museum
Rousillon and Gordes are villages of interest along the way where you will find The lavender Museum at Coustellet, a worthy visit for those interested in the history of lavender production.
Avignon Day Trips, East to Lavender Country, Provence, the South of France can be made over high-speed roads through lavender country or via bus service from Avignon.
Rental cars available at the Avignon TGV Station.
Hikers at the Abbey de Senanque near Gordes
An Avignon day trip of less than an hour to the east will offer the villages of Gordes, Menerbes, Rousillon, and La Coste.  Near Gordes, the Abbeye de Senanque is in the heart of Lavender country with an end of June ripening of the lavender..
The Abbey de Senanque.
see visits, tours, and retreats.
Apt and Saignon are old towns in the center of lavender production
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Hikers visit the Abbey de Senanque near Gordes
Avignon Day Trips to The Lavender

Avignon can be a good base for visits
to the centers of lavender production.

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Avignon with its Palace of the Popes makes a good base for Provence lavender trips.

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