Bucco, Tobago, Backpacking South America By Bus
Eight Months On the Road  
By David Rice  
Bucco, Tobago
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Finally they had let us off the boat in Trinidad's Port of Spain.  By this time, I had befriended an English backpacker on his way to Tobago where he would get a plane back to the UK.
Now two in the morning, we were clear of customs but there were no taxis available. When one did arrive, the driver wanted $35 for a ride to town. We refused and went out to the road where we flagged a cab and for three dollars it took us directly to the ferry for Tobago.
Security there wouldn't’t let us aboard, for them it was too early in the morning... In desperation, the Brit and I headed for a nearby Kentucky Fried and hole up for the night trying to ignore the locals who pestered us all the rest of the night begging for money or cigarettes.
At first light, we went to the ferry but could not get on. It was a mad house with hundreds of people trying to get on a ferry that only held sixty. The lady tending the ticket booth assured us that we could get a ticket so we stayed in line but offered her no inducement apparently, and before we moved much closer to the booth, the ferry left without us.
In desperation, we caught a cab to the airport and booked a flight to Tobago.
It was on that flight that someone handling airport luggage stole my $1.50 watch.

Second moral to this story: lock your backpack completely.

Steel Drums

Tobago is a beautiful Island. My sights were fixed on Bucco where the steel drums originated. The English traveler and I parted at the airport, as he was catching a plane back to the UK.
From the airport, I hitchhiked to Bucco to spend the night. Every Sunday they have a concert with live bands that attracts people from all over the world. Virgin Airlines flies in a 747, British Air brings in an airbus, at least four big planes had come in for the concert and were parked on the tarmac.
Steel drum bands were on every corner and in every park it seemed and on Sunday night, a full orchestra composed of steel drums played for three hours.

I stayed three days in Bucco booking a room in a private home that I found while walking around. At $12 per night, I had a private room with kitchen and bath.
Swimming and snorkeling occupied my time in Bucco and I will go back there again some day but after three days or rest, I was itching to get to Brazil.

The beaches of Tobago were nice but there was one beach I had always wanted to see and that was in Brazil.
Bucco Steel Drums
Bucco, Tobago
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