Backpacking, Dorrego, New Years Tango, Eight Months On the Road
Bus Through South America
By David Rice  
Dorrego, Argentina Tango
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Dorrego, New Years Tango Backpacking by Bus In South America
Eight Months On the Road
By David Rice  
Dorrego, New Year Tangos

From Colonia,  I caught a bus to Montevideo the next morning. I wanted to visit the capitol of Uruguay and I also needed a visa for my return to Brazil as I headed north.

The Brazilian immigration official, however, just wasn't too friendly and she insisted that I needed a return transportation ticket to get the visa. Usually I am able to talk my way around this and make the official understand that I am passing through and I am able to get the visa without having a return ticket. The officials do this because they want to be sure that you have a way out of their country. At the border crossing, however, no inspector ever asks to see your return ticket.

The Brazilian official in this instance did not relent as we talked, so I decided to go north without passing through Brazil. I would return to Buenos Aires via Colonia, , where I spent Christmas, and then to the ferry over to Buenos Aires. I booked into a different hostel closer to the tango action at the Plaza Dorrego. A considerable upgrade it turned out, Hostel San Telmo offered a free breakfast and much more comfort.

On December 27 I went out to the Recoleta cemetery to see the burial place of the Perons. I continued my tour of the city museums and sights including downtown which has great shopping areas with pedestrian-only streets and upscale shops. Many of the building reminded me of French European architecture.
At other times I would go to San Selmo and just sit on a bench and eat white chocolate ice cream while watching the people go by.

I had a surprise one day when I met the German man who I traveled with in Panama on the sailboat through the San Blas Islands. It really didn't amaze me to run into him again, I know that more than likely I will run into the same people several times on a long trip. We all travel the same trail: the backpackers trail around the world. All the sights are on the same trails, we all head to the same places. I have run into the same people four or five times in different countries on long trips.

I also reacquainted with a couple that I met on my first stay in Buenos Aires, a Dutch couple who were traveling around the world by air. I joined them for New Years champagne and tango dancing on the Plaza Dorrego where we met another traveler from Australia. We sat in the square and watched tango dancing while we drank red Malbecs and Champagnes at the old bars with their open windows. We then danced with the local women, doing our best Argentine tango.
We partied for what felt like long into the morning but when we left Plaza Dorrego for our hotels, the locals were just starting to get warmed up.   
I toasted the New Year with a Tango and said my farewells to Buenos Aires.
I caught a bus north on the second of January, heading to a town called Villazon.  

Dorrego, Argentina,  Tango
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