Backpacking, Walk of the Hawk, Eight  Months On the Road
Bus Through South America
By David Rice  
Walk of the Hawk
Page Thirty Seven
Walk of the Hawk

Buenos Aires hugs the bank of the Rio de la Plata at the western edge of the Atlantic and on the border of Uruguay.

I headed into Uruguay via a ferry to Colonia, crossing the huge river estuary, perhaps thirty miles across. I should have bought my ticket earlier because the ticket agency was a mad house of people clamoring for tickets but I finally boarded for the three-hour trip.

Colonia del Sacramento is a small town on the river's Uruguay side and a quaint and beautiful colonial town at that. I went over there to see this town after reading about it and I booked onto the Hotel Colonial.

There I met an 80-year old guy who was in his 20th year of walking around the world. He was doing it in legs of many months of travel and then a return home to Texas.

He was impressive, especially his condition; he looked no more than 60 years old and he carried an 80-pound pack. He lugged a ten-pound staff as a protective weapon that he claimed that more than once he had to use it. For an eighty year old he was remarkably spry and robust. He had the look of a man half his age.

"Walk of the Hawk" he called himself and he was an inspiration to backpack travelers. And of course, he tells it all on his website, "Walk of the Hawk."
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