What Is Badlands, South Dakota
A National Park With An Eroded Landscape
The Badlands National Park 60 miles east of Rapid City and In the southwest corner of South Dakota about 60 miles east of Rapid  offers some stunning landscapes Mount and great views from the loop road with its and frequent pull-outs and overlooks.

An eroded landscape of stratified layers of variously
colored deposits spreads over a huge area of grasslands and makes an inspiring sight.

Enter from
Route 90, the east coast to west coast interstate highway at either the east end where you find helicopter rides. The east west loop road is just a small portion of the immense Badlands National Park.
Badlands National Park offers Tent and RV camping for $15 per night,
The park has an RV Dump station with a  fee of $1.00 for those passing through. They have a Self-pay kiosk that accepts credit card or correct change for the campsite.  The sites are small sites with no shade. trees.
Drive through the campground, pick an unoccupied site, pay at the kiosk, and clip your receipt to the post. Private campgrounds are nearby in the town of Interior.
Many wild animals inhabit the park, common sights being the prong horn antelope, the mule deer, and in certain sections of the park, the wild buffalo.  Buffalo were reintroduced and now number 800 animals. The animal pictured below is a captive animal in a coral about a half way between the park campground and the village of Interior.
From the parks
overlooks and viewpoints you can see wild animals grazing in the flat grassland below. Binoculars help to see them as they keep their distance from the road except Lynx or bobcat work the roadsides for road kill and a large Prairie dog town lies on both sides of the road at about the midpoint of the loop road.
RV vacationers use the park as a convenient stopover on the way west or east on route 90; the park's loop road is an east/west road.  Bikers on the way to the first week in August rally at Sturgis ND make the park a stop on the way.
In the 1870s homesteads covered the land below the overlooks. Most were abandoned and consolidated into large learn about the history of the area.
The Badlands Loop Road opens up great views and has vista points, overlooks, and hiking trail heads  along its route.
Badlands South Dakota National Park offers sightseeing on a Forty Mile loop road through  an eroded landscape.  The scenic highway runs parallel to Route 90, the east coast to west coast interstate highway.  The east west loop road is just a small portion of the immense Badlands National Park.
What is Badlands National Park.  
The Badlands of  South Dakota is a National Park with An Eroded Landscape of stratified layers of variously colored deposits that spreads over a huge area of grasslands.
Badlands NP is open for hiking, camping, and sightseeing
What Is The
What Is The Badlands,  An Eroded Landscape
Park entrance Fees
$15. vehicle
$10. motorcycle
$7. individual Hiker or biker
Camping $15.
Camping with electrical hookup $28
How to Reach the Badlands:
  • Air
The nearest large city is Rapid City South Dakota. Air service reaches Rapid City from hubs in Denver and Chicago.
  • Auto
Rental cars are available at the airport. From Rapid City take scenic Route 44 east to Interior and the National Park  campground or take Route route 90 east to Wall and find the Park entrance and loop road.
Best Time To Visit Badlands South Dakota:
  • Spring
May 40 f at night 65 f days
  • Summer
The weather is perfect June, July, August but the mid day temperature can reach over 100f.   June is a wet month.   July and August can have thunderstorms with hail.  
  • Fall
September,  40 f at night 65 f days
  • Winter
Cold and winter snows possible October to April  Total snow 2 feet per year.
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