Boston Public Garden and Boston Common Walking

The parks offer flat paved walkways that make great places for family walking, baby carriage, or wheel chair.  

Just  beside Boston Public Garden, visit Beacon Street and Beacon Hill where in Spring magnolia trees flower.

Tulip Bloom Public Garden

Early May sees flowers and photographers filling the Boston Public Garden
Tuilps Bloom between
pril 14 and May 1

Boston Copley Society
painters set up and paint the swan boats and flowering trees.

Boston Common and Public Garden, Walkways,
Flowers and Swanboats

Boston Public Garden in Spring: Tulips flower mid to end of April
Boston Public Garden
Boston Public Garden; in April the trees and tulips flower.
Boston Public Garden: In April. The swan boats start their cruises and the flowering trees burst with color. Around mid-April, tulips and others fill the beds.  
In the Boston Public Garden by the first week in June the Tulips have passed but there is plenty to keep photographers busy

Boston Common Walking

Boston Common is a grassy park with paved paths that provide easy walking and baby carriage passage.

Adjacent to Boston Public Garden, the Boston Common provides grassy areas  and paved walking trails. A parking garage on Charles street beneath the west end offers a reasonable day rate on weekends.
Walking trails line Boston Harbor
Boston Common, State House
Boston Public Garden and Boston Common in Spring: Tulips flower mid to end of April

Boston Public Garden Walkways

The Boston Common and The Public Garden   make Boston a great place for  walking, particularly in the Spring when the tulips and flowering trees bloom.  (Tulips April 15)
Boston Public Garden's flowered and tree-lined paths circle the pond where the Swan Boats carry passengers.

Boston Subway, Transportation

From Boston Commons's Park Street entrance, Boston's subway system takes travelers to Cambridge and its art museums near Harvard Square, the House of Blues and its Gospel lunches, ethnic restaurants and the glass flower collection at Harvard University's Natural History Museum.  These sites are walkable from the station at Harvard Square.
Boston's Red Line serves the Kennedy Memorial Library, and the Green Line serves baseball's
Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.
A walk on part of the freedom trail leads to the aquarium and the island shuttle where you can take a boat to spend a day of island-hopping in
Boston Harbor.
Fort Warren, the first of five stops, dates to the Civil War and once held prisoner Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederacy. Each island has walking trails, history and, of course, a resident ghost.

Boston Common Parking

Parking is available on the city streets that surround the park but these fill early (two Hour Max).  An underground parking garage with a reasonable weekend day rate is available at the entrance to the Boston Common, between the two parks

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail starts in Boston Common.  Follow the plaques and the red brick markers through the historic parts of Boston to see places of significance during events that led to the Revolutionary War

The Boston Common and Boston Public Garden are great places for walking.  The Parks are paved walkways bordered by trees and flowers and ideally located in the center of the City of Boston.
Boston Public Garden Spring Flowers
Boston Public Garden, Boston, MA
Boston Public Garden In June sees the summer flowers filling the beds

Boston Transportation, Getting to Boston:

Boston Flights
Air service reaches Boston's Logan Airport (BOS)  from other major hubs and cities.

  • Auto Rental
Rental cars are available at the airport through rental car shuttle buses that pick up at arrivals.
  • Airport Transfer
From the airport boat shuttles reach the City of Boston at several places.  Transit service and taxis reach the city after a short drive.
Passenger Boat service leaves daily from Boston to the tip of
Cape Cod (May -September)   at Provincetown. Bikes can go aboard.
  • Flying in to Boston.
Shop on The web for transportation and design your own itineraries and connections..
While shopping for air travel on the web will take a little patience and perseverance, the savings can be significant.  
Adequate connection times will be important to keep in mind as will Security procedures.  Also important to your anxiety reduction is getting an assigned seat well before your flight. ¬†Book your hotel ahead of your trip and avoid trying to shop for a hotel while you arejet-lagged. Shop Hotels Here for photos, Maps, reviews, and Room Rates
Boston Sightseeing
Boston Area Whale Watch
Boston Kayaking
Where Is Boston
Boston Events
Boston Airport, BOS,  Flights
Follow the markers in the pavement to walk the Freedom Trail
Boston Accommodations
Boston Vacation Rentals
Boston Hotels
Boston Public Garden's  Swan Boats make trips around the pond in the center of the park
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April Tulip Bloom, Public Garden

The Spring flowers, including tulips, bloom during the third to fourth week in April.  Many other flowering trees, magnolias included, bloom in the park and on the side streets around the park.
Both the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden are in the same location connected by a pedestrian crosswalk.  The paved walkways of Boston Common, once a pasture for local cows,  connect to the flowered and tree-lined paths of the Boston Public Garden, famed for the Swan Boats and Spring flowers.