Bull Event Provence Festival Club Taurin de Mouries,
Traditions, South of France
During the third week in June the Camargue Gardians herd the bulls through the streets of Mouries for the later non-lethal bull fighting.
Mouries in the South of France is an agricultural region of olive and grape growing near the villages of Eygalieres , St Remy, and Les Baux de Provence.
The Guardians put on a demonstration of horsemanship.  
They are joined in the festival by people honoring another tradition, the ladies and gentlemen of Arles dressed in 18 th and 19th century costume (1780s-1890s) who celebrate the traditions of Arles.  
The impressionist painters of the 1880s included these costumes in their work.
The bull running part of the festival ends with a toast of pastis and another tradition dear the people of Provence, food.
Main street of Mouries is given over to a banquet of rice, roasted potatoes, vegetables and Provence lamb,  the traditional foods of Provence.
Mouries is near enough to the Camargue and to Arles for rice paella to be a staple at the festival. The low, wet land of the Camargue is ideal for the growing of rice.  In the hills of the Alpilles barbecued lamb will be the main course because the hills nurture huge flock of sheep.
The Spring festival will see cherries from Gordes and melons and apricots from Cavaillon at the table.
Provence Camargue Horse
In the Mouries club de Taurin bull Festivals the Gardians of the Camargue herd bulls through the streets
The Club Taurin Festival in Mouries includes the non lethal bull fighting events in the arena near the center of the village.   During the day the Camargue Gardians herd the bulls through the streets to the delight of spectators.  The bulls then go to the arena for the evening event where teams of young men try to remove ribbons from the horns of the bull.
The Club Taurin de Mouries Festival in Provence ends each night with traditional Non-lethal bull fighting in the ring near the center of the village of Mouries.
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The annual Provence Bull Event, Festival of the Club Taurin de Mouries, is a traditional June bull event  in the South of France. The festival includes Camargue horsemanship events,  Arles costumed events, traditional music, and non-lethal bull fighting.
The Guardians of the Camargue are cowboys who ride the white horse of the Camargue while they tend the black bulls of the Camargue.  They have kept the traditions alive by festivals such as the Club Taurin de Mouries.   
The men and women of the Camargue ride the white horse of the Camargue while they demonstrate the skills of horsemanship used to tend the black bulls during the festivals of The Club Taurin de Mouries.   
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Bull Event, June
Mouries, Provence
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