Burgundy Canal, Self-Drive Your Own
Rental Barge Trough French Wine Country
Canal Barge Rentals: with self drive  bare boat are a great way to cruise the canal and bring your nightly lodging with you.
A Self Drive Barge Cruise Burgundy Canal
  • Bare Boat Cruise
This type of cruise is also called a bare boat cruise because there will be no crew, only your friends and family to help lock through and tie up for the night.

  • No License Required
The self-drive barge does not require a captain's license or prior boating knowledge.  The operators give a lesson in locking through and that is about the extent of the training.  The engines are not capable of high speed so there is no danger.
  • Self guided Tour of the Burgundy Canal
Once you are on your way you will cover some historic territory.  The Canal de Bourgogne or Burgundy Canal provides north to south access through France and connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea through the Rivers Seine and Yonne to the north, and the rivers Rhone and Saone to the south.  
You will cover just a tiny portion of the 150 miles of the Burgundy Canal on a week-long cruise starting in

Self Drive Barge on the Burgundy Canal

Barge tours leave from the port of Dijon,  go north and then return
Self Drive Burgundy Valley Barge Tours On The Burgundy Canal
Self Drive Rental Barge Through the
Burgundy Canal Can Start Near Dijon
Barges pull in for the night below the  hilltop village of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois.
Guests can bike to the castles and the small village markets that offer the barge crew provisions and refreshment. Many small  farming towns line the route along the Burgundy Canal
Self Drive Barge companies to start your search

Crown Blue Line    ww.leboat.com/
Locaboat    www.locaboat.com/index.php



A 32 foot bare boat for four or five persons  (two cabins) can range from 1500 Euros per week to 2500 Euros per week depending on the season.  

A 45 foot  boat with four double cabins that is ideal for eight persons and could include four additional family members will rent for between 2200 Euros and
3200 Euros.
The Burgundy Canal offers self-drive barges trough French wine country. Drive your own rental barge trough the Burgundy Valley Canal on a bare boat tour.
Sample Prices
See Sample Barge Prices Below
A Burgundy Canal self-drive barge cruise tours through East Central France wine country
You will shop for provisions and cook your meals aboard or visit restaurants in the towns and villages along the canal.   The area traversed by the canal is some of the most scenic in France and includes rolling farm country, fields of white cattle, small villages, and imposing hilltop castles and chateaus.
  • Sightseeing
Parts of the canal are undergoing repair with steel sheet pile being driven to support the sidewalls and upgrades and automation of the water and gate control but much of the canal remains manually operated, just the way it was when constructed in the 17th and 18 th Century.  You will be able to bike to small villages.  As you tour you will meet the locktenders who will operate the gates as you pass.
Travel To The Burgundy Canal
  • When To Go To the Burgundy Valley   
  • Dijon visits, biking and hiking along the canal, and the culinary cruise vacation.  
The weather in Burgundy is temperate March and April (50-75 F) and the barge tours will not be booked solid so prices are lowered.  Mid July and all of August can also offer lower prices because much of France goes on a six-week vacation.  
  • Barge Tour High Season
Barge trips have their high season, mid May to Mid July and early September to mid October.  The last two weeks of October can be low season and the end of the cruise season for some providers.  
  • Weather
Weather is good in September October, great months to visit.
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration.  
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Self-drive barges on the canal