Bus Oaxaca City Puerto Escondido
On Oaxaca's Playa Marinero in Puerto Escondido the families of the fishing fleet clean and sell fillets on the beach.
Zipolite lies between Mazunte and Puerto Angel, out of the way resort areas reached by bus from Puerto Escondido or taxi, collectivo, or camionetta from Pochutla

Bus Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido, Pacific Coast

Bus service from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast runs on bus routes over the Sierra del Sur Mountain range at 10,000 feet.
ADO First Class OCC Buses reach the Pacific Coast towns of Huatulco, Pochutla, and Puerto Escondido from Oaxaca City.
Zipolite resort area can be  reached by local bus from Puerto Escondido and shared taxi from Pochutla

    Bus To Pacific Coast Beaches Oaxaca

Beaches of Oaxaca Mexico are west of the 10,000-foot Sierra Madre del Sur mountains that stand between Oaxaca City and the Pacific Coast.
   Reach the Pacific Coast from Oaxaca City

  • Flights
Less than one hour, Aerotucan, $120 USD, single engine Cessna Caravan C208.
or go by Aerovega, both small shuttle airlines based at Oaxaca's airport, (OAX) and Puerto Escondido (PXM).
Book at least a day ahead through a tour agency in Oaxaca City

First Class Bus,

First class to Huatulco via OCC Bus (ADO Bus Company)
270 Pesos $25 USD, 8-10 hours via Route 190, the Pan American Highway.  Book at ADO first class terminal or Ticketbus agency in the city 1/2 block north of Zocalo

  • Second Class Bus
Second class bus, $10 USD, 8 hours over Route 175 to Pochutla.
Bus 2nd class over Route 131 to Puerto Escondido.
Book at central de autobus segunda clase

  • Van.
Several agencies run 10-15 passenger vans,  160 Pesos, 6 hours, This can be a difficult ride for those prone to motion sickness.  Motion sickness medication is effective and readily available over the counter at the farmacias

  • Rental Car
Rent a car in Oaxaca City and drive the mountain road yourself, a hairy ride, motion sickness medicine recommended for your passengers.  Rentals available at the airport and in the city

The Pacific coast is only 100 miles from Oaxaca City as the crow  flies but the mountain roads are very steep and twisting.  At one section of road you are at 8000 feet elevation.
You average 15-20 miles and hour by road and the usual bus trip takes 8-10  hours.

If you investigate the second class bus service you enter the terminal through a tiny slit between vendor stands that crowd the street where the local buses enter and make their turn. This is across from the Abastos Market.  

  • Central de Autobuses de Segunda Clase
Once in the semi-circular station you face the ticket sellers. The first set of booths serves the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (Istmo) all the way south to Tapachula Chiapas.
Move to your left as you face the booths and you will pass ticket sellers for Mexico City. A little further left come to the booths for Puerto Escondido.
  • Second Class Bus  Puerto Escondido
First is Lanesca Bus, a line running a day bus at 9 am and an evening bus to Puerto Escondido over Route 131. (Gia Roji maps list this as Route 131, in some other publications it is listed as Route 135)
Buses to the town of Pochutla run over highway 175 and are best for those going to Puerto Angel, Mazunte,  or Zipolite.
These schedules and prices can change frequently
Puerto Escondido, Playa Marinero, Fishermans  Beach
Puerto Escondido, Playa Marinero fish cleaning
  • When To Go
The later evening bus is the best option because you arrive in Puerto Escondido or Pochutla at dawn and can easily find a taxi to your hotel.

Further to your left in the bus station you will come to Estrella Roja and Trans Sol. These lines run decent buses on evening and night runs to Puerto Escondido for 145 pesos, about $13 USD.

  • Vans to the Pacific Coast
The vans to Pochutla, Puerto Escondido, and Huatulco have become increasingly popular.  Vans
One drawback to the vans is that  steep mountain roads and extreme twisting and turning can be tough on people prone to motion sickness. At 150-160 Pesos the vans have become the only way to go for those that don't experience motion sickness.  One pill for motion sickness can work for the six hour trip.  Many travelers report that dramamine is effective.
  • Comfort Option
The most comfortable option according to some travelers is the morning or night bus out of Oaxaca's first class terminal.  The trip is longer and more expensive but the mountain roads from Oaxaca City to Huatulco over Route 190 are less severe than Route 175 and the ride more comfortable.  This might be a longer trip but for some travelers it is the least torturous of the three routes.
Puerto Escondido's Playa Marinero sunset
Bus Oaxaca City Puerto Escondido
Bus Oaxaca City Puerto Escondido
Puerto Escondido Zicatela Beach
Puerto Escondido offers many hotel options along the beach road.  Find flights, rental cars and first class bus service.
On Puerto Escondido's Playa Marinero the wives of the fishermen clean the days catch.
Escondido's Playa Marinero the sunsets over the lighthouse
Puerto Escondido Bus Mexico
Puerto Escondido Surfing
Bus Fares,Puerto Escondido  
Puerto Escondido Tours
Puerto Escondido Lodging
Mexico By Bus
  • Van Option
A contributing writer to SoftSeatTravel recently rode the van from Pochutla to Oaxaca City and reports that the vans running from the City to the Pacific Coast and back are a great option.  
Medicine for motion sickness is available at the farmacias and one pill is effective for the six hour trip.  The vans are comfortable, the ride smooth, and the price right at 160 Pesos.       See Vans link for location in the city
Puerto Escondido offers many hotel choices.  Also find rental cars, flights, and bus service to all of Mexico via Sur Bus, OCC, and Estrella Blanca.
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