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Buy OCC Bus ticket and inquire about Tica Bus tickets at the ADO first class station in  Oaxaca  City.    From the Pacific Coast find buses in Pochutla , Huatulco, and Puerto Escondido.  Also find buses in San Cristobal de las Casas for Tapachula, Chiapas.
OCC Bus uses the same terminal in Chiapas used by the cross-border Tica Bus Order online ahead and buy tickets at the Tapachula station.  Tica Bus offers service to Guatemala City and as far south as Panama City .


Bus, Oaxaca to Guatemala City, First Class ADO Bus, OCC Bus, Tica Bus

 Bus To Tapachula
o reach Tapachula Chiapas from Oaxaca City take a first class bus from the ADO first class bus  station.  This could be an OCC  night Bus or an ADO GL Bus

Tica Bus
From the same arrival  terminal in Chiapas,  get the Tica Bus from Tapachula Chiapas through for Guatemala  City and through to Panama City

ADO First Class Buses (OCC Bus, Platino, and GL)  reach San Cristobal de las Casas. From San Cristobal, buses reach Palenque and Tapachula.
It is possible to reach Guatemala from Palenque via the vans to Frontera Corozal and then a small boat to Guatemala.  Reach Flores on Lake Peten Itza for a trip to Tikal and then reach Guatemala City by bus from Flores.

Guatemal City Through Palenque

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ADO Bus Routes

running from Oaxaca's first Class terminal, 12 blocks north of the City Center, to Tapachula are night buses  leaving at 7 and 9 pm 
OCC,  7:10 pm,   ADO  Gl, 9:pm
Buses run to Tapachula  Chiapas.     From there the Tica Bus runs through Central America to Panama City .
See Tica Bus Schedules/Fares

Bus Service ADO, Tapachula

Bus Service from Oaxaca City's first class ADO terminal reaches San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas where bus routes reach Tapachula Chiapas.
.  OCC buses reach San Cristobal and Tapachula for the Border crossing to Guatemala.
Tapachula in Chiapas

Bus Tapachula Chiapas From Oaxaca City

The OCC and Tica Bus terminal is about 6 miles from the Izapa Ruin Site in Tapachula, Chiapas
Oaxaca Pacific Coast beaches Zipolite
Bus to Chiapas from Oaxaca's Pacific Coast beaches by going through Pochutla to Tapachula
Bus, Oaxaca to Guatemala City starts at the first class ADO Bus Station with an OCC Bus from Oaxaca City to Tapachula, Chiapas.  From Tapachula take first class Tica Bus service to Guatemala City and Panama City.