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For others the deodorant smell from the lavatory and the hum of the back wheels  (four on each side) make the back seats undesirable. Some travelers prefer the middle of the bus where the tire noise is less and the bus body absorbs the hum of the wheels and the bumps in the road.

I prefer seat number four: front seat, right side. Sure it’s a long walk to the lavatory but during the day I can look out the huge bus windshield and see far ahead. At night I can sleep with no one in the seat ahead of me.

Drawback: some front seats do not have a leg rest. At other times and on the less than professionally run bus lines,  the assistant driver takes the seat numbers three and four regardless of what your ticket says.

The second choice for me on a night run is in the middle of the bus, window, I like the leg rest when sleeping.

On a southbound bus during the afternoon, the sun will bake the right side of the bus; looking out the window will be difficult.

Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Much of Mexico is at or above 5,000 feet. Mexico City is at 7,400 feet. Keep aspirin and Imodium in your pack. Motion sickness pills if motion sickness might be a problem for you.

Buy water and snacks at the station stops, get out and stretch your legs whenever possible.  Keep the sweater or jacket handy, stations in the mountains can be cold and the buses can be cold.

Security will do a pat down for metal objects when you board. They might video each passenger, you might encounter drug-sniffing dogs at border crossings or stations near the border. The security is nowhere near as thorough as in an airport and varies at each station. See  David Rice, Backpacking Venezuela by Bus,   for hairy description of a drug search

While traveling, have your visa and passport on your person, the authorities  might check your passport when you buy  will there be a roadside check of visas and passports, usually along the Guatemala border possibly at the US border or within the US near the border. See Palenque Transportation, lodging, Mayan Ruin Site, Chiapas, Mexico, if you will travel to

see  www.softseattravel.com/Mexico-Transportation-Taxi-collectivos.html


for other cross border buses

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Border Crossing: Nogales
Just show Up
If you are accustomed to air travel you have been conditioned to arrive two hours before your flight and to go through all sorts of preliminaries before boarding.

Bus travel in Mexico will be quite different for you. There are no preliminaries. You can hardly book ahead online and you don’t need to. You just show up, buy a ticket and ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave, you board.

The buses never fill and the choices for seats are many except on certain runs. Busy routes like Oaxaca to Mexico City, or Guadalajara to Mexico City will have buses running on the hour or half hour in the evening. Choice seats, however, will book early.
Bus Travel Through Mexico could start at the Border Crossing in Nogales Mexico. Just show up for your ticket and board the bus ten minutes later.  Bus service is plentiful and the buses rarely fill except during Christmas and Easter
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The larger Colonial towns will offer many hotel choices, rental cars, Flights, and bus hubs for service to all of Mexico.  
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