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Central America  Cross Border Bus

Tica Bus
Crossing borders on the Tica Bus through Central
America  can be convenient.  You stay on the same bus
and only get off briefly to a custom check were you might
pass your luggage through an x-ray as the inspectors look
for the taxable items that you failed to declare, or illegal
You present your passport,  (
*secure you visa)  and then
board the same bus for the remainder of the trip.

  • Caution:

Don't transport fruits, meat, plants, and, (obvious) drugs.  
David Rice the Venezuela welcome
Drug sniffing dogs are in use at border crossing check
stations and at check stations within the US border and
within Mexico.  
Watch your luggage at the border check station.- stick
with your bags and follow them through the x-ray and
check stations.
Keep essentials in your day pack and valuables such as  
your passport, visa ATM/ credit cards, camera, laptop
and money on your person.

Tica Bus (schedules and fares)  crosses the Mexico
border at Tapachula Chiapas and Guatemala and
crosses several borders as it travels to Panama City.

North America, Bus Mexico Across US Border

Tufesa Bus:
Tufesa Bus Line runs luxury first class buses in the US
and Mexico and they make the cross border trip.  
They serve bus routes from Salt Lake City, Las Vegas,
NV, and 16 California cities to Guadalajara, Mexico with
stops in major cities along the way.  
They cross the border at Nogales Mexico.
The Tufesa bus bound for Guadalajara stops at its
Nogales, Mexico terminal for a half hour.  The terminal is
over a mile away from the actual border where you get
your visa.

  • Visa / Tourist Card
If your stay in Mexico will be longer than 72 hours and you
will go south beyond the border State of Sonora or
beyond Baja  you should get the 180 day visa, often called
a Tourist Card.  (*visas are not required of foreign visitors
for  short stays or stays in the vicinity of the border)

If you are with a group it is not a problem because others
in your group can make sure that the driver waits at the
border crossing while members of your group secure their
If you are traveling alone, however, it can be risky to leave
all your luggage on the bus while you go into the
immigration office to get a visa.  If there are lines, it could
be a delay and you would be depending on the driver's
good faith to wait for you.  
A way around this would be to buy a ticket to the border
only,  (Nogales in AZ)   Leave the bus and take all of your
luggage with you. (or store it with Tufesa)  Get your visa at the border crossing. (6 month visa 260 Pesos)
Take a $7 USD cab to the Tufesa station, about a mile
beyond the border, buy a ticket and re-board the bus if it
hasn't left or one of the many buses going south from two
bus stations in this area.
This is the safest way to both secure your luggage and
save your ticket price, although it hardly makes for a
convenient cross border trip.

Bus Across the Border:

The Tufesa Bus serves Mexico from the US and crosses the border at Nogales.
The Tica Bus crosses the Mexico, Guatemala border at Tapachula Chiapas.
These bus routes offer convenience to travelers by making the crossing of borders safe and easy.

Other buses run south from Nogales to Mazatlan, Culiacán, or Guadalajara from Nogales, Mexico Bus Stations right next to the new Tufesa Station.  
TBC,  Tap, Elite
and Omnibus run first class buses south.  If you do miss the Tufesa bus you will have options.
Bus Travel Through Mexico could start at the Border Crossing in Nogales Mexico. Just
show up for your ticket and board the bus within the hour.  Bus service is plentiful
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Tufesa Bus Crosses the US Border with service between Phoenix and Guadalajara
Primera Plus runs bus routes between Mazatlan and Mexico City as well as the coastal resorts, Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo
ADO runs first class service to all of southern Mexico including Tapachula, Chiapas