Bus Travel Tapachula Chiapas from Mexico City TAPO Terminal

Izapa Ruin Site

Buses reach Tapachula where combis reach the ruin site of IZapa. View of the entrance to the complex (right) called group F, first settled in 1200 BC

Bus travel to Tapachula Bus travel to Tapachula ruins within reach just outside the City of Tapachula.  Reach the ancient city with Olmec influence,  at its height from 600BC to 100 AD, by collective van from in front of the OCC bus terminal in Tapachula.  Take the combi headed for Talisman or Talisman bridge. (the Guatemala border)
Izapa has been little studied except for a Smithsonian expedition by Mathew Sterling in 1941 and by political and religious center that contributed to the Olmec art and architecture that was to spread throughout Mesoamerica
The three sites open today for visits are small remnants of a huge sprawling city that developed its own unique style of art after the Olmec influence ended around 200 AD. The art includes many standing stones. A site at Tonala (Iglesia Viejo) to the north has similar Olmec and later art as does many small sites in the Tapachula area.
The medium sized city of Tapachula where lodging and night life are available, lies within 8 miles of the Izapa ruin site.. The city is served by a major ADO,
OCC, and Tica bus terminal. Collectivos headed for the ruin pass by the terminal.  The Talisman bound collectivo makes many runs throughout the day and will stop at the Izapa ruin site.
Izapa Ruin Site, is an abandoned stone city built by the local settlers starting in 1200 BC.  The settlement was influenced by the Olmec culture through trade and migration from 900 BC to 100 AD.. The city reached a high point between 600 BC to 100 AD.
Izapa was the center of a large culture settled along the coastal plain and river delta near what is the current border with Guatemala and the present day city of Tapachula in Chiapas State, Mexico.
To visit the Izapa ruin Site, catch the white collective taxis as they make runs in front of the bus terminal headed for the town of Talisman. They run about every 15 minutes and cost about 8 pesos. They start near the market district in the center of the city at a large terminal for collectivos.  The three Izapa sites are spread about a mile apart, one near the main road , Group F, and two a mile distant at the end of a dirt road, group A and B.
The complex was once a huge city but is now not much more than 13 plazas encircled by un-excavated mounds except for group F.  which has been excavated and stabilized. The three groups have some unique stone carvings and glyphs, however, and one , a snake or frogs head is made of magnetic stone with the animals head polarized towards magnetic north.

Hotels, are plentiful in Tapachula near the lively center. (20-45  USD,  200 - 400 Pesos )
archaeological museum near the center houses a great collection of ceramic and stone artifacts from Izapa and the many smaller sites in the area.
(Hotel Plaza Guizar, 200 pesos with air and cable, 01-962-62-6-24-88)
Bus travel to Tapachula Chiapas from Mexico City Tapo Terminal takes 18 hours with eight departures daily, Mexico City to Tapachula.
OCC buses also serve Tapachula Chiapas from Oaxaca City and from Puerto Escondido.
Bus travel reaches Tapachula Chiapas  for trips to the Izapa  Ruin Site  located near the city .   Take the Talisman collectivo (shared van ) for the ruin of Izapa, an ancient city with Olmec influence that was at its height from 600 BC to 100 AD.  The vans pass in front of the bus terminal on the way to Talisman.  Hotels are available across from the bus terminal or in the city center near the museum

First Class Bus To Tapachula Sightseeing

The Beaches of the Pacific coast in Chiapas are 25 minutes drive    (26km)  from the OCC bus terminal in the city of Tapachula.
Puerto Chiapas (formerly Puerto Madero) is a cruise ship terminal.  Playa Linda and Playa San Benito are Pacific Coast Beaches near Tapachula.
Tours of chocolate , coffee, and banana plantations are popular with visitors.

Area Beaches
Reach Tonala 130 miles northwest of Tapachula via ADO/OCC , first Class bus from Oaxaca City or coastal bus, ADO/OCC  out of Puerto Escondido via Huatulco.
ADO/OCC  bus from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas via Tuxtla Guiterez Chiapas.
From Tonala take a taxi or shared taxi/Combi/Camionetta to Puerto Arista.  Hotels are available in Tapachula, Tonala , and Tuxtla,  Rental cars are available in the larger cities.
Check ahead for beach hotels, these areas suffer from hurricanes every few years

Tapachula'a Soconusco Museum

Tapachula's Archaeology museum holds many artifacts that came from the ruin of Izapa and other Soconusco culture sites along the Pacific Coast.
Izapa was an ancient city with Olmec influence that was at its height from 600 BC to 300 BC . The ancient site was settled between 1500 to 1200 BC and sprawls over many miles not far from the modern city of Tapachula.

Bus travel to Tapachula reaches Puerto Madero or Puerto Chiapas.  Hotels are available in Tapachula, an important city of Chiapas
Bus service reaches Tonala for trips to Puerto Arista .(above)
Bus travel via OCC reaches Tonala for trips to Puerto Arista .(above)
Tapachula'a Soconusco Museum of Archaeology displays an extensive collection of artifacts that came from the ruin of Izapa and other Soconusco culture sites along the Pacific Coast.

    Tica Bus, Central America Bus In Tapachula, Chiapas

The Tica Bus to Panama City uses the same terminal in Tapachula as the OCC Bus.

Tica covers Central America to Panama City

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