• Bus Terminals
The bus stations in the larger Mexican cities are open 24 / 7. You can arrive in the morning and check your luggage for a small fee. You are then free to travel the city, ruin, or beach with just your daypack. (the Mochila in Mexico)

  • Bus Station Taxis
Taxis are usually inexpensive ( $3 to $6 USD)  except in Mexico City. ( 90 peso to go from Mexico Norte Bus Station to Tapo Bus Station,  $9-$10 USD, much more at the airport)

You could also
catch a local bus or collective taxi to the beach or ruin after a little inquiry at the station or some web research.
Collectivos are shared taxis that charge per passenger and offer a better price. Ask where the collectivo passes for your destination and you can save. See addition info on the web at Mexico Transportation: Taxis, Collectivos, Travel.

  • Some Bus Travel Tips:
Keep your daypack with you and your essentials like sweater, computer, camera, snack, water, etc in the pack in the overhead or under your leg rest. Keep your passport, visa, money, credit cards, ATM cards etc on your person. Don't wear flashy jewelry.  Be discrete when counting money. Keep small bills and change in one pocket and work out of that.  Don't flash a large wallet full of cash or a wad of bills.

  • Don’t share drink or food with strangers.

  • Tip, Taxi in the City:
Let the starter or concierge arrange for your taxi in Mexico City and in other large cities. The price will be preset and there will be no surprises.
If you are on the street, ask for the taxi stand or go into a hotel and ask the clerk to call a taxi. Let the starter at the bus station arrange for the cab. Always agree on a price before entering. (Obvious)  You avoid Pirate cabs if you let the starter of concierge /desk clerk order the taxi.

Ask other travelers to join you and share the price, the taxis
charge by the trip not by the number of people.

  • Caution:
A large city could have more than one bus station; Mexico City Bus Terminals   Mexico City has four first class stations.
Write down the name of your station once you arrive and before you catch a taxi to head into the Centro Historico of the city or to the beach or ruin site. These stations might just be a three letter abbreviation (TAM, for instance for Transportation Autobus
Moralia, or ADO for the First Class terminal in Oaxaca)  Tapo in Mexico City)
  • save your ticket
You are apt to forget this after a day of touring or beaching. Write this on your ticket stub and you have the station name and the bus line.
Do the same with your hotel or hostel. Ask at the desk for a card with the name and address. Hand that to a taxi driver when you want to return to the station and you will have no problem.

Page Three
Bus Travel Mexico, Border Crossing, Nogales, Tufesa Bus Service is Plentiful and Frequent
  • Bus Border Crossing,
Tufesa Bus makes a border crossing at Nogales, Mexico.  Tufesa Bus runs a service from the US that crosses the Mexican Border and continues south to Guadalajara.
This Cross Border Bus can make your bus trip through Mexico easier.

For European, Canadian, and US independent travelers and backpackers, who want to visit many colonial cities and beaches in Mexico, the long-haul, first class buses of Mexico offer an alternative to the airliner.
The buses have more room and are more comfortable than an airliner.
service in Mexico is plentiful and, other than being a longer trip in terms of time spent traveling, a much more stress-free experience.

Several bus lines make cross border trips.   Tufesa runs from Las Vegas, Nevada. Salt Lake City, and several cities in California.
The Air Conditioning systems are blasting frigid air, bring a sweater or jacket.  Layer clothing for extremes.

  • Bus Movies
Mentioned earlier: bring earplugs for the movies; you will get either cartoons, Cantinflas specials, or US action flicks on North bound buses.  Better movies on South bound buses.

  • Bus Hub Cities
The great advantage of bus travel in Mexico over air travel is that you can stop in the small colonial cities or beach towns and resort areas along the way and tour for the day. You can then Taxi back to the bus station, board a night bus and sleep until you reach the next city or beach.
If you time it right, you arrive in your next city at dawn (7 am in the tropics) and you start touring the city or you put into a hotel or hostel for an overnight stop.
Bus Travel Through Mexico can start at the Border Crossing in Nogales and includes frequent and plentiful service. Just show up at the Tufesa Bus terminal. Service by several bus lines runs from the US or within Mexico.
Tufesa Bus Terminal Nogales Mexico
See Buying tickets below
  • Buying  Bus Tickets
If you are not fluent in the Spanish language, it is best to write your destination, your name, departure time, and ticket price in a note book or piece of paper and hand this to the ticket seller.  Also designate your desired seat,  between 1 and 20 perhaps, window (ventana)
The clerk will assign your seat and ticket with your name and seat assignment.  Otherwise the clerk will assign a seat too far in the back of the bus where wheel noise and bathroom odors might be a problem.  
Tufesa Bus Terminal Nogales Mexico
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