Bus Travel Through Mexico, Border Crossing, Nogales, Tufesa Bus
Bus Travel Through Mexico:
Border Crossing, Nogales, The
Tufesa Bus

You can book a cross border bus from
Tucson south to Mazatlan or Guadalajara,
Mexico on the Tufesa Bus  

Tucson's Tufesa Station is at 5550 South
12th Avenue, Phone 520-294-3780 website,

A small station serves passengers from
Tucson through to Mexico.
The ticket seller speaks English and
Spanish.  You will not need a reservation
although Tufesa has a good website that
would allow you to make a reservation and
get a seat assignment.

You rarely need a reservation when traveling
through Mexico by bus; you can usually have
the flexibility of just showing up.

You might not get  the seat that you want if
you don't book ahead but any seat between
seat 4 to seat 20 should be a good ride  

Consider the sun side as the sun can be hot
and blinding.  On a southbound bus the
afternoon sun will be on the right side

The bus passes through Los Mochis, the
town where the
Copper Canyon Train starts
its 6:00 AM run north through Tarahumara
country. Another eight hours from there and
you cross the Tropic of Cancer near Mazatlan.

In Mazatlan you can change buses to the
Primera Plus bus line, an elevated level of
service to Guadalajara and Mexico City.
Tufesa runs only as far south as Guadalajara.
Primera Plus offers a sandwich, snack and
water on boarding. Their buses have two
lavatories, men’s and women’s, leg rests,
and plentiful departures to Guadalajara and
Mexico City.
From Mexico City, an ADO bus will run to
Oaxaca.  From there take ADO to Tapachula,
Chiapas.  In Chiapas the Tica bus runs south
from the same terminal and reaches Panama

Tips on Purchasing Bus Tickets in
If you are purchasing bus tickets in a Mexican
bus terminal and are not fluent in the Spanish
language, write your destination, time of
departure, and the listed price on a piece of
paper or in a note book page along with your
name spelled out legibly. The ticket sales
person will assign the seat to your name. Bus
lines post their destinations, departure times,
and prices on boards behind the counter in
most stations or out in front at a few others.
The clerk, seeing that you are a tourist, might
assume that you want an elevated level of
service. (called Lujo, Grande Lujo Ejecutivo
etc.) The elevated level of service cost
considerably more but is not much different
than “Normal” first class service except for
the free bottle of water and perhaps a bag of

If you write down your destination, which you
probably couldn't’t pronounce correctly
anyway - try saying Coatzacoalcos three time
rapidly - write the price and the departure
time, you prevent communication errors.

Always choose your own seat. If you let the
ticket clerk assign a seat, they will give you
the seat at the back of the bus and you will be
too close to the lavatory, the engine noise,
the tire noise, and the slamming lavatory door.

Don’t stress too much over seats, however,
the buses rarely fill and once the bus is rolling
you can move to a more comfortable location.

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Bus Travel Through Mexico is made easier by Tufesa Bus with a Border Crossing bus route in Nogales Mexico. Tufesa Bus crosses the border from Tucson to Nogales, Mexico and runs a coastal bus route south to Guadalajara.
Tufesa Bus, cross border at Tucson, Nogales
Tufesa Bus crosses the border at Nogales
Primera Plus Bus runs luxury, first class routes from Mazatlan south to much of West Central Mexico includig Guadalajara and Mesico City
Tucson Arizon provides Tufesa bus routes south
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