Tufesa Bus, ADO Bus, and Tica Bus will take you from Salt Lake City, USA to Panama City, Panama in Central America.  To see the parks, cities, beaches, and ruin sites along the way, choose first class bus travel.  

Bus Tufesa, ADO, Tica: Salt Lake City To Panama City

Cross-Border Buses

The following series of articles will detail the
long haul, first class bus service that makes a
luxury run through the US, Mexico, and
America possible.

Tufesa buses leave from 16 locations in
California and four in Arizona as well as Salt
Lake City and Las Vegas.  They make the
border crossing and reach south to
Guadalajara with
many stops along the
Pacific Coast.  Once in Mexico you will find
that Mexico's Bus system is a great way to
see the country.
Mexico first class buses use dozens of hub cities to reach even the most distant ruin site and colonial city for about 12 to 15 cents USD per mile.
The roads are a combination of modern high-speed toll roads (quota) and secondary roads.

Mexico second class bus lines are based in
every city.  They use secondary roads to reach the smaller towns and villages. 
 The first class buses avoid the steep mountain roads wherever possible; the mountains are so steep that passengers can get motion sickness. 

Mexico's first Class buses have plush seat for
sleeping, leg rests, air conditioning, (bring a
sweater) lavatories, seat belts, deeply
reclining seats, and video movies. (Bring ear

Mexico first class bus travel will reveal one of
the best bus systems in the world.  Mexico’s
long-haul Flecha Amarilla, ADO, OCC,  
Chihuahuenses, Tap, Omnibus, and other
lines reach all of Mexico in luxury.  Several
bus lines cross the border.  Tufesa is one that
serves Utah,
Las Vegas, Nevada, and
California with cross-border buses.

You can board a Tufesa bus in
Arizona and cross the border at Nogales on the way to Guadalajara, Mexico.
The Tufesa buses run from Salt Lake City,
Utah to Guadalajara, Mexico. They run from Phoenix three times a day and cross at Nogales on the way to Mazatlan and Guadalajara, Mexico.

For those interested in touring all the way to
Central America by bus, you could go from
Guadalajara on a Primera Plus bus to Mexico
City’s Terminal Norte, and then an ADO bus
Tapachula, Chiapas and then a Tica
Bus to Panama City, Panama.

David Rice bus South America Eight
Months By Bus      for an account of David
Rice's eight month bus trip from Missouri to
Antarctica and back

You could travel the length of Mexico and visit
cities along the way.  From Mexico City
reach Oaxaca via ADO first class bus service
out of Mexico City’s Terminal Norte or TAPO.
From Oaxaca go south to Tapachula via ADO
(OCC) and Find the Tica Bus terminal in the
first class station.

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Bus Travel First Class

Travel by first class bus from Salt Lake City, Utah all the way to Panama City, Panama by bus.

You actually could start north of Salt Lake City by starting in Canada, but between Panama City, Panama, and Colombia there are no reliable roads.

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First class buses cover Mexico for 12 cents per mile.
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