Buses To Tula Ruin Site Museum, Hidalgo, Mexico, Ovnibus, Terminal Norte
  • Tula Ruin Site
Tula Ruin site is located in Hidalgo State Mexico, north of Mexico City.
The site includes a
museum with artifacts from the site.
reached its height in the year 1000 AD when it was a dominant city in Central Mexico with ties far to the south at Chichen Itza and possibly to the north as far as New Mexico in the USA.
characteristics, with ball courts Pyramidal platforms, plazas, and altars.
Also interesting architecturally are the canal systems, drainage systems, terraces,  and bridges over the Tula River. Many sculptures, polychrome sculptures and bas relief works of art decorated the buildings in ancient times.
Tula spread over a huge area where tens of thousands of people lived during the 400 years of habitation, which peaked in the  year 1000 AD when Tula was the dominant city in Tula-like architecture has been found by archaeologists as far south as Chichen Itza in the Yucatan and it is not known whether this was a result of trade or subjugation.  
The plan to the left shows the classic Mesoamerican city layout: ball courts, a large plaza surrounded by Pyramidal platforms centered by a low altar.
Tula  worshipped the rain god Tlaloc depicted left in a sculpture displayed in the museum
The Toltec culture of Tula appears to have been  warlike judging by the monument to the warriors which occupies the highest point in the city and was once covered by a huge roof,. The warrior statues pictured left were columns that supported a roof.  These statues are thought by archaeologists to represent historic figures and one is believed to be the mysterious Topilzin Quetzalcoatl, a living god of  myth and legend.
Reach both Teotihuacan
  • Find Ovnibus
at Terminal Norte in Mexico City.

Go to your left when facing the ticket counters.
Tula ruin site includes a small museum
Tula Ruin Site, Getting There
Ovnibus runs service to Tula every 20 minutes each day from Mexico City's Terminal Norte   (not Omnibus)
Walls of  sculptures in bas relief adorn temple platforms,
  • Local Buses, Tula Hidalgo
From the center of the City of Tula Hidalgo reach the Ruins of Tula at the Pyramids stop. Taxis also reach the site which is a mile or so from the city center.  
Buses to Tula  run every 20 minutes each day from Mexico City's Terminal Norte
Tula has two ball courts, typical of Mesoamerican cities
A headless Chaacmool figure at the base of the highest temple at Tula
Walls of  sculptures in bas polychrome colors adorn the temple platforms at Tula.,
These  warrior statues thought to be historic figures, were once columns that supported the roof of a large building on the top of the highest pyramidal mound at Tula .
Buses To Tula Ruin Site  and the Museum run out of Mexico City Norte Station.
Ovnibus runs service to Tula every 20 minutes each day from Mexico City's Terminal Norte
Tula Ruins site museum sculpture
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