Camargue Gypsy Festival Provence

Camargue Gypsy Festival Provence The South of France

The Gypsy Festival, May

The Festival Honors Patron Saint Sarah, White Horses,  and A Unique Lifestyle On the Rhone River Delta

During the Gypsy Festival
in the Camargue, Gypsies
from throughout Europe
travel to Saintes Maries
de la Mer to honor the
legend of Sarah the Kali,  
a mythical woman who,
legends claim,  helped
two Marys related to
Christ, the Saintes Maries
de la Mer.
In the vast pastures of the Camargue
the Gardians raise the  black bulls
used in the bullrings of southern
France and Spain.
Non lethal bullfighting of Provence
During the May
thousands of
Gypsies travel to Saint
Maries de la Mer,
population 2,400, to carry
the statue of their patron
saint from the church and
bring it to the beach.  The
Gypsies, accompanied
by the Gardians on their
white horses, bring the
statue of their black saint
to the Mediterranean Sea
in an age old ritual.

The  Camargue Gypsy Festival, Provence

Festival in the Camargue

In May the Gypsies travel from all over Europe to return to the wilds of the
Camargue in the
Rhone River delta to honor their Patron Saint Sara.  The
event becomes a festival in the seaside fishing village of Saintes Maries de la
Mer, at the edge of the Mediterranean.
  • Legends
The Gypsy Festival is an annual event that sees the Gypsies join with the
Camargue Gardians to celebrate history and legends.   Visitors to the
Camargue in the
South of France during May will see the Gypsies joined by the
Camargue Gardians, local men and women famous for their riding skill with the
white Camargue horse, in a re-enactment of their age old legends.  
  • The Saintes Maries
On  24th and 25th of May, the celebrants will honor the women who, according
to legend, arrived in Provence by boat in the year 40 AD after traveling from
  • White Horses and Black Bulls
The festival starts with the honoring of the Patron Saint of the Gypsies, Sarah la
Kali, with a parade to the beach and a symbolic return of the statue to the
Mediterranean.  The festival continues with another parade bringing the Saints
Maries statues to the beach. Parades continue with the Camargue cowboys on
their white horses, demonstrations of horsemanship, and bull events in the
streets and arena.
The chapel below the church Notre
Dame de la Mer is a pilgrimage site for
During many festivals in
Southern Provence,  bull
events with the
Camargue Gardians will
take place
The Camargue Gardians herd the bulls
through the streets of a Provence
villages during bull festivals
The Camargue Gypsy Festival in Provence sees the Gypsies of Europe join the Gardians and their white horses in a Camargue Festival to honor Sara-la-Kali and two Marys related to Christ.   See Event Schedule
A Gypsy visitor honors the statue of  Sarah the
Kali at the chapel beneath
Notre Dame de la Mer
Church in
Saintes Maries de la Mer,Provence,

Camargue Gypsy Festival Schedule:

The festival in the Saintes Maries de La Mer of the Camargue brings
together the Gypsies, the Camargue Gardians on white horses and the
black bulls.

They meet to honor the Gypsy Saint Sarah and two Maries related to
Christ, the Saintes Maries de la Mer.

May 24th at 10 am the ceremony starts withe Mass in the church.
At 4 pm the Gypsies carry the statue of the black St Sarah to the shores
of the Mediterranean as they honor their patron Saint.

May 25 at 11 am the statues of  Saint Mary Jacobe and Saint Mary
Salome are brought to the shore.

May 26 bulls run through the street escorted by the Camargue
Gardians on the white Camargue horses. An afternoon of  Camargue
horse events and Provence bull events honors the  Marquis de
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Camargue bull festival in Provence
The Camargue Horse
ridden by the Gardians
when they manage the  
black bulls used in the
The Camargue bull festival in Provence
includes running the bulls through the streets.
Gypsy Festival
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