Camargue horses of Provence, the South of France roam the
grasslands of the Rhone River Delta. They are protected in the
nature preserve to sustain the breed. The Gardians of the
Camargue train them as saddle horses to manage the black
Camargue White Horses, Provence The South of France
Camargue White
Horses are part of the
unique lifestyle of the
Gardiens on the
Rhone River Delta
When traveling in
the Camargue you  
will see white
horses and black
bulls feeding in the
grasslands of
Southern France's
Rhone River Delta.
The horses of the Camargue are an
indigenous breed, some say, once wild
and now protected by the government
to keep the breed pure. They do roam
free as a breeding stock and mate
without intervention. The horsemen and
women of the Camargue harvest them
and cull the young ones for saddle
horses. They are a gentle and
intelligent horse possessed of stamina,
and agility.
Vacation cottages in
St. Maries de la Mere,
the homes of the
Gardiens,  the
"Cowboys" of the
Arles is the gateway to the Camargue
The Camargue Gardiens who once lived in these
traditional Camargue houses,  raise the bulls for the
bullrings of Southern France and Spain
Others believe the breed is
pure and indigenous to the
Rhone Delta and stems
from a  primitive breed
found  locally as fossilized

Others link their traits to the
Spanish war horse.  Their
small size at  13 hands
would have made them
excellent shipboard
travelers and their stamina
and strength would have
made them an ideal war
The Camargue Gardiens raise the  
black bulls used in the bullrings of
southern France.
The Camargue Horse, Provence
The horses of the
Camargue are an
indigenous breed,
some say, once
wild and now
protected by the
government to keep
the breed pure.
Non lethal bullfighting is a
popular event in Provence
See the White
Camargue  horses
roaming free in the
grasslands of the
One source claims that the Camargue
Horse was used for millennium by Celtic people, Greeks,  
Romans, Arabs, and other Medierranean People who would come by ship to the mouth of the Rhone to cull out the young animals for war horses.                 
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Information for those renting a vehicle in Provence
Camargue Bulls are used in non lethal
bullfighting of Provence the south of
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Camargue Horses and the Gardians demonstrate during a bull event in Provence
A June Bull Festival in a  Provence
village near the Camargue
Camargue Horses, Provence
White Horses,
Camargue White Horses
The immature Camargue horse is black or brown in color,  but upon reaching adulthood
at about four years, will turn to the familiar white color.
The Camargue Gardien uses the Camargue horse to manage the black Camargue
bulls that they raise in the vast grassland of the Camargue.  Often they will pasture a
Camargue horse with a herd of young bulls.     

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