Camargue Camping Provence, The South of France
Camargue RV Camping, Wild Camping has been permitted for years on the Rhone River Delta
In July and August  the caravans of France head South to the Rhone River Delta.
Camping on the Camargue opens the area for sightseeing, biking,  and nature tours. The horses of the Camargue can be seen roaming the grasslands.  
Caravans head for the Rhone Delta and Camping in the Camargue
At the tip of the Rhone River Delta the beach is long and deserted much of the year but from June to September  the sandy desert of the Camargue becomes a beach-side campground.   Caravans start arriving during mid May for a long summer visit in a vast wild camp out.  The  vacationers take to the roads and set up summer quarters in the wilds of the Camargue.
43°32′N, 4°30′E, At 360 Square miles the Camargue is Europe's largest River Delta (Wikipedia}
Spring festival in Provence includes bull fighting and regional cuisine
Camargue Provence, wild camping at the end of the Route de la Mer  at Caravan Camping at Plage de Piémanson in the Camargue.
Camping is available in the Camargue, Provence in the South of France on the Rhone River Delta.  In the sandy desert of the Camargue, caravans arrive during mid May east of St Maries de la Mer to camp along the shore at the Mediterranean Sea.
Camargue camping in  Provence in the South of France at the tip of the Rhone River Delta where the land flattens and becomes the sandy desert of the Camargue.
Caravans arrive during mid May  to camp
at the end of the Route de la Mer  for wild camping at Plage de Piémanson near the mouth of the Rhone River
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Camargue Horses in Arles at the edge of the Camargue
Camargue Horses in Arles Provence
Check ahead or your trip. Although wild camping has been allowed at a few places in the Camargue of France there are moves by municipal officials to stop it.  
Wild camping has been a tradition at Plage de Piémanson and Plage Beauduc.  This is the area between Saintes Maries-de-la-Mer and Port Saint Louis on the Rhone River Delta.  
  • Aires de Service,  Camping in France
Aires De Service are Free, over-night parking, low cost, services, water, dump stations,  See link for more info below
  • Camargue Beach Camping
Wild beach camping can be found on a road to the beach out of Salin-de-Giraud.  
  • Plage de Piemanson
At the end of the 15 km road, the Route de la Mer (D36D) find the Beach.  Plage de Piemanson  and a huge area of caravan and tent camping on the beach.  This is on the west side of the Rhone. Open to vehicles on the beach after May 1.  (This access could change due to municipal attempts to close the beach to campers. Check ahead of your visit.)
  • Plage de Beauduc
In the same area take the road (D36C) through the salt works and lagoons for 10 km to Beach camping at Plage de Beauduc.
  • Windsurfing, Kitesurfing
These beaches are noted for wind surfing and kite surfing. Check with the town of Port Saint Louis Tourism Office for kitesurfing lessons and rentals.  Port Saint Louis is noted for the international kite surfing championships
  • Aires De Service
See more details about Aires De Service in France, free or low cost services for RV travelers run by communities to attract tourists.
Wild Camping on Plage Piemanson
Plage de Piemanson  and a huge area of caravan and tent camping on the beach.
Wild Camping
Camargue Wild Camping
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