Cassis Dining, Cassis Restaurants, Cafes, Provence,
South of France
Cassis, Provence
Cassis, Provence
Fishing with gill net and long line is till part of life in Cassis
find a good seafood restaurant on the side street and hidden alleys of Cassis for a traditional Provence meal.

Bouillabaisse is a traditional fish favorite but can be expensive in the tourist areas along the dock
Cassis dockside restaurant tables offer a great view but can come with pricey food options.
Dine in some of the hidden restaurants in the side street and back roads of Cassis for local seafood and Provence style cooking in the port of Cassis.  
There are many dockside restaurants on the boardwalk and quay beside the harbor of Cassis.
Cassis Dining
The Cassis fishing fleet brings seafood fresh to the Cassis Restaurants.
Cassis, Provence
Cassis, Provence
Cassis, Provence
Cassis restaurants offer Dining At A Dockside Cafe, Provence
Cassis Dining
Dockside restaurant tables are a great place for coffee and to watch the boats in the harbor but with a few exceptions they are expensive.
One recommendation by the locals is the
M. Brun.  Good for a salad or a side and people watching. Another, La Pailotte near the Barthelemy Quay

Most visitors and local recommend getting away from the tourist areas when it comes time to eat a big meal or to sample some local seafood or Provence cooking.  
Try these hidden restaurants the locals recommend.

Le Calendal
3 Rue Bremond
Tel.  04 42 01 17 70

Le Bonaparte,  
noted for
24 hours ahead
Cassis Dining at dockside  a plate of muscles at a Cassis Restaurant on the harbor.
Along the quay find shopping and dockside restaurants with a view of the port of Cassis.
Michelin rated
La Villa Madie
traditional Provence style
Located seaside below Cap Canaille with a view of the Mediterranean
Avenue de Revestel, Anse de Corton, Cassis
La Petite Cuisine
Avenue Du Revestel
Tél. : 04 96 18 00 00
See Complete list,  of Cassis restaurants from the Cassis Tourist  information Center
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Provence, France
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Cassis Provence, Dining and Restaurants the South of France
Reach Cassis
Cassis Provence, can be reached by bus and train from Marseilles.     Cassis Gare SNCF (station)    The train station is about 2 miles uphill from the town and provides bus service to the casino about every hour, 7 am to 7 pm, summer.  A telephone is available at the station for calling a cab.
Hiking, Biking,  Vacation Rentals, Calanque boat rides, beaches, and the Casino Gambling are located within a short walk from the Casino stop.         
Bus Marseilles to Cassis
The Cassis fishing fleet brings fresh seafood to the Cassis Restaurants at dockside..
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