Zempoala Ruin Site, Veracruz, Mexico, Zempoala

Zempoala Ruin Site, Veracruz, Mexico, is also called Cempoala.  This site was occupied when the Spanish arrived in what is now Veracruz.   Cortez allied with the residents of Zempoala against the Aztecs.
Zempoala Ruin Site, Veracruz Mexico

Zempoala Ruin Site History

Zempoala is one of the few ruins that was still occupied when the Spanish under Cortez landed in what is now Veracruz.
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When Cortez visited Zempoala, the city was under Aztec rule and was forced to pay tribute to the Aztecs.  The rulers of Zempoala joined with Cortez and sent porters with him to help on his march to Tenochtitlan and the home of the Aztecs.
The Zempoala buildings are constructed of river stones cemented together.  An unusual round building is thought to have astronomical significance.
Zempoala structures are built of river stones
Xalapa Map, scroll east on 140 to Jose Cardel for bus 6.5 miles north to Zempoala

Reach Zempoala from Veracruz via local bus to Jose cardel and then another local bus to Zempoala.  From Xalapa, east on Route 140 to Jose Cardel, local bus from there.    See Map

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