Chalchihuites, Tropic OF Cancer Ruin Site,
Zacatecas State, Mexico

Chalchihuites or Alta Vista ruin site is situated on the Tropic of Cancer in Zapatecas State, Mexico. Archaeologists believe that the Teotihuacan culture built the site and used it to follow the movement of the sun and stars.

Chalchihuites or Alta Vista

as the ruin is called has been examined by Archeoastronomer Anthony F. Aveni and found to contain solar significance and a deliberate placement on the Tropic of Cancer by builders of the Teotihuacan culture.  A solar equinox alignment and a summer solstice alignment of the sun over a distant mountain at dawn and two Teotihuacan style petroglyphs led to the conclusions that Alta Vista was a Teotihuacan ceremonial outpost at the northern limit of Mesoamerica.

Chalchihuites or Alta Vista ruin site is situated on the Tropic of cancer. A Teotihuacan outpost of ritual significance and a solar observatory some archaeologist believe.
Chalchihuites is the name of the ruin called officially in modern times Alta Vista.  Archaeologists believe that the ruin has solar significance and have identified several sight lines of solar events over distant mountain peaks.  The ruin is situated on the Tropic of Cancer.
Archaeologists see a link to the Teotihuacan culture and believe that the site was once a ceremonial center for the city of Teotihuacan, 370 miles to the southeast..
Chalchihuites, the Tropic OF Cancer Ruin Site in Zacatecas State, Mexico is also called Alta Vista.
The ruin site was situated on the Tropic of Cancer by the Teotihuacan culture archaeologists believe.
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