Cheap Air Travel Tickets
Start your shopping well ahead of your flight if possible by shopping on the web for the best price and of equal importance, the best connections.
With the Airlines reporting significant delay rates you will want to be sure you leave enough time to make a connection especially if you will travel internationally.
Try to have at least one and a half to two and a half hours between planes domestically and three hours on an international flight in case your plane is late leaving the gate or arriving late.
You Can Save Time and Money On Air Travel by searching on the web but be careful of the layover and connections offered they are not always reasonable.
..  Confirm your flight with a phone call (or web click) well ahead of your travel day and then again 24 hours before flight time. Let them check your seat assignment (a double check) and make sure the flight is still scheduled.
Check smaller airports and regionals where savings can be realized in parking and rental cars.  All the same services may exist, parking,(less expensive) rental cars, bus service, free shuttle from a major city but without the crush.  Investigate possible savings at satellite airports.

flexibility in your travel days if possible. Significant savings can result if you can change your dates to accommodate both the flight out and the return.  
Investigate Saturday to Saturday flights. This day is often undersold; business travelers are off and vacationers have reached their destinations. Mid week flights are often less expensive and the early morning flights will often have a lower price.
Don't travel on Holiday weekends and school vacation weeks if possible. Think twice about Florida during Christmas Vacation, Europe in July and August, Mexico at Christmas.
Air Travel is not easy these days with all the security at airports and the struggling airlines cutting back wherever they can. The tips listed above were collected from a few frequent fliers and veteran travelers. They might help you travel more comfortably.

The passport, once an option for travelers from the United States to Canada and Mexico, is an absolute must have document for travelers.
Travelers by land and sea should also get their documentation in order; the passport will be mandatory for any cross border travel anywhere in the hemisphere.  Have at least six months remaining on your passport.  Renew early.

Get the latest info at       Passport Info:

For Air Travelers: Before your flight get the latest security information.   
Don't loose expensive items like perfumes, nail clippers, face creams, medications, etc. at the security check. Get the latest info on the restricted items at the TSA website and put these items in the required bags, in checked luggage, or leave them at home.

Travel to a foreign country may require a visa. Check on the web to see what the requirement is and apply for the visa well in advance at the country's embassy or consulate if the airline does not supply the visa form.
China and Egypt, for example, require visas and the document might not be available on the plane like it is on flights to Mexico or to France.  It saves time through customs and immigration if you fill out the document beforehand.  
Airlines usually supply them during the flight.  These will be the tourist visa.
Try to book your travel in the early part of the day. If you miss a connection you could still have time to make another. Late in the day and evening there will be fewer flights and by 9:00 PM most airports roll up the carpet and become uncomfortable hotels.

Book your flight on weekdays if possible. Mid week rates are lower, lowest usually on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Look in to Saturday to Saturday flights
Tips on Saving Time and Money On Air Travel
The TSA publishes a helpful web page listing the latest security procedures.  These tips can save you time and money through security check points.  TSA
Cheap air Travel Tickets: do they really save?  

Shop early and be careful of the lowest price offered, it might come with unrealistic connection times or a day layover.

You can save on Flights by Shopping  early on the web and comparing flight prices and itineraries. .
Check Early morning Flights and the difference in prices depending on the day of the week.
Check  Small Commuter Airlines such as , Ryan Air if you will be in Europe.  Check Mid Week flights and Saturday to Saturday Flights
. Try to get the best possible seat assignment. for your needs. All seats are not the same, some do not recline: exit rows and back seats.  Exit row seats might not have under seat storage for your carry on. .
Start saving on Air Travel by parking your car for two weeks free at airport hotels in 60 US cities and hundreds of others worldwide.

Design your own itineraries and connections. and shop on the web.
While shopping for air travel on the web will take a little patience and perseverance, the savings can be significant. 
Adequate connection times will be important to keep in mind as will Security procedures.  Also important to your anxiety reduction is getting an assigned seat well before your flight. ¬†Book your hotel ahead of your trip and avoid trying to shop for a hotel while you arejet-lagged. Shop Hotels Here for photos, Maps, reviews, and Room Rates

To save time and money through security check with TSA     before flying to get the latest on security procedures.
Some of the hotels in the program offer 24 hour shuttles shuttle from the hotel to the airline terminal will allow you to book an early flight and save money on the airfare. Two weeks of free parking offsets the cost of the hotel room and you do not need to arrange for a limo from your home to the airport.
Most hotels offer
two weeks free parking with one night stay, some three weeks or a reasonable day rate for extra days. . Cruise passengers can take advantage of these deals also at some hotels.   See Free Airport Parking link above.
Once you find a suitable flight with adequate connection time, call the airline and see if there might be a better price. If not, book on line and then call the airline to secure your seat assignment. and try to get a seat as far forward as possible.  This accomplishes two objectives: the ride is quieter and more comfortable and you leave the airplane sooner to make your connecting flight.
You will have a better chance at getting a seat assignment if you have frequent flier accounts with your usual airlines, this gets you an assigned seat on airlines that hold back assigning seats.
Assigned Seat
Many airlines hold back assigning seats and do so only if you pay extra.  You must factor this into the ticket price, especially for families who want to sit together.  Shop for airlines that assign seats at the time of purchase not at the airport just before boarding.
Above all, try to get a seat assignment as early as possible. When airlines overbook, the people without seat assignments who arrive late could go on standby. If your plane is late leaving the gate or late arriving you could, through no fault of your own, be arriving for your connecting flight at the last minute.
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Cheap Air Travel Tickets,  do they really save.
Be careful of the lowest price offered, it might come with unrealistic connection times or a day layover.
When shopping for price look at the taxes and aiport fees.
The Cheap Air Travel Tickets don't always save be careful of unrealistic connections.
Cheap Air Travel Tickets, are they including taxes and other fees
Airport transfer is part of the cost of air travel and a consideration best planned ahead.  (shop here) Public
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