A country too vast to call by one name, China is truly regions, provinces, cities, towns, and villages, all unique, isolated, diverse, and ethnically separated.
China  is not just one place but many.  
More a political designation than  one country, the place we call China is, of course, a land of many cultures, many  landscapes, and most importantly, many different foods.
Photos by Rain Rodolph

Soft seat travel takes on reality in China where trains actually have a designated seating called "Soft Seat".
Depending on your ticket,  you have either a padded seat, (pictured below) or a hard seat,an unpadded, or wooden seat. On those wooden seats only the most dedicated travelers  can survive the newly inaugurated 1142 KM train ride from Qinghai to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa.
Great Wall views



Great Wall

My expectations about China's Great Wall were more than exceeded by its great size and surprising beauty. My  daughter lived in China at the time of my first visit and she took me to a secluded section of the wall most tourists never see, two hours beyond Bejing.
Once at the top. our view of the wall  continued beyond the horizon. As we walked, my shutter never stopped trying to capture the incredible mass of wall, its curving lines and hulking shapes.
While in Bejing we stayed at the
Peninsula  Hotel, a place I would recommend to visitors. Although expensive for China, the hotel proved a worthy experience. For a westerner it was a good start into the exotic culture of Asia, slightly Western in style, the hotel felt familiar while at the same time a comfortable doorstep into the exotic.

Riding The Red Rooster

This book can evoke a feeling about
the countryside and deserts that makes
you want to visit.  
Riding The Red Rooster by
Paul Theroux has deep insight into
this vast region and its ethnic diversity
Great Wall,  Photo Rain Rodolph

China Vacation, Travel In China

China might be
the best travel
bargain going
right now with
the Olympics a
success, China
will continue
to show its best
face to the world.   
Text and Photos by Rain Rodolph
China, Photos by Rain Rodolph
China's Great Wall was built over many stages and by several dynasties.
Meant to keep out foreigners it is now most responsible for bringing foreign tourists to China.
At over 4,000 miles long the wall is one of the great human achievements.

Dining in China

Dining in China could include exotics including bird nest soup.

Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, dining in China will include  noodles.
This is what Marco Polo found when he came to china and  it hasn't changed much. 
Noodles of rice and noodles made from pasta of wheat, the Italians later called it spaghetti.  
Contact Photographer Rain Rodolph:  
A good read before you go
RMB is the China Yuan Renminbi
Our China Vacation started in Bejing at the Peninsula  Hotel, a place I would recommend to visitors.
Although expensive for China, the Peninsula Hotel proved a  good start for a vacation in the exotic culture of Asia.
China Great Wall tours
Dining in China
Great Wall of China
Train travel in China
China photos by Rain Rodolph
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