Italy's Cinque Terre Five Lands In Medieval Italy   
Hotels, B&Bs, Hostels apartments.  Inquire about parking.  you might drive through a gate and park your rental in a secure garage as part of the room rate.
Cinque Terre, The Five Lands were carved out of the rocky hillsides above the Mediterranean Sea a thousand years ago or more that are an ideal place for a hiking vacation.

Many hotel and lodging options exist.  July, August and early September can be crowded.   By mid November the ferry services stop for the winter.  Hiking is good year round.   Trails on the terraced hillsides connect the villages and make great day hikes.

Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare
can provide lodging.  Riomaggiore
and Monterosso al Mare
offer the most diversity in lodging.  Monterosso offers a sand beach
Cinque Terre Hotels and Accommodations, Italy's Coast
Cinque Terre Lodging
As the date of your arrival approaches, email or call the hotel and confirm your room and your arrival time.

The village might have a gate and you will drive through to your lodging if you have a vehicle.

You can reach Cinque Terre by road, Train, or ferry boat.
Riomaggiore is the first Cinque Terre Village you encounter driving north  from La Spezia or coming by train form the south.

There is one long pedestrian-only street leading down to the sea. Some
hotels have parking and you drive through a gate to reach them. Otherwise no cars drive on the roads.
Cove at the walkway to the Via dell' Amore in Riomaggiore
Cinque Terre Climate, What To Wear in Cinque Terre, Italy:
If you are flying into Rome for a trip to Cinque Terre you can count on the temperature being warm year round. You can keep your wardrobe simple.
Black is a popular color for clothing in Italy . Rome is a sophisticated city and could require formal dress in some restaurants (Necktie suit jacket, dress)

Cinque Terre will be casual dress throughout.  Hiking clothes for trail use between villages
Rome has a climate similar to the mid USA at sea level, cool Dec. Jan. 40s but no ice or snow, warm summers, June July August, 80s  possible light rain in Spring. October the rainiest month.
Where is Cinque Terre: north of Pisa on the Mediterranean Coast south of Genoa.
Cinque Terre Hotels and Accommodations will be many but you can count on a walk up hill to your B&B, hotel, or apartment.  Travel lightly in Cinque Terre.
The villages of Cinque Terre were built into the rocky steep stairways in all directions.  
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The hotels of Cinque Terre are sure to be  built into the hillsides with steep stairways leading to your room.  Monterosso al Mare is a popular lodging place with visitors because of the sand beach
Shop for Rental B&B in Cinque Terre
Ferry boats serve Cinque Terre as they run between Pisa and Portofino
Trains reach Cinque Terre from Rome through Pisa and La Spezia or from Genoa
Cinque Terre Hiking
Ferry boats come into the jetty at Riomaggiore Cinque Terre.  The trail is above and to the left in the photo.  The ferry boats run between Pisa and Portofino.  If you arrive by ferry travel lightly
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