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Italy's Cinque Terre
Five Lands
In Medieval Italy   
You seldom see cars in  the villages because there are few roads.
Driving to Cinque Terre is an option but Cinque Terre's main railway which weaves in and out of tunnels along the coast is also  good way to get there.  Boats are also important to Cinque Terre, they shuttle between villages Easter weekend through October.
There are few roads in Cinque Terre so you therefore seldom need a vehicle.

Each village has its own character because they were once isolated by the steep cliffs. Now, however, the villages are only a few minutes apart by train or the passenger ferry that makes frequent trips during the day to four of the villages.
Trails also connect the villages. The hills are  terraced intensively and  make a perfect vacation venue for hikers.  
Cinque Terre Ferry boats
Cinque terre train reaches the villages

Cinque Terre Train, Rome To Cinque Terre Via La Spezia

   Cinque Terre Trains From Rome

The La Spezia train from Rome costs $73 to $103. USD  Once in La Spezia,  you connect to a regional train to your village in Cinque Terre. 

 Conventional Trains, Slow Trains

There is also a slower and less expensive train from Rome that will reach La Spezia in 5-6 hours.  Some trains stop in Pisa and you make a connection to another train. The economy fare currently runs at about $60. USD   (2012 price)

Regional Train

From La Spezia you hope to find a regional train that stops in your village in the Cinque Terre.
If the train does not stop at your village, go to Monterosso al Mare and get a train back, or take the boat that shuttles between villages to reach your destination.  Cinque Terre also offers bus service between villages as part of the park and preserve that encompasses Cinque Terre.
Train price:  La Spezia to Monterosso al Mare, 15 minutes, USD $9-15

The best bet would be to buy a ticket from Rome to Monterosso al Mare,   the northern most village of the Cinque Terre,  and then catch the shuttle boat if you are not carrying excess luggage,  back to your village.    The fast train to Monterosso al Mare makes one connection at Massa Centro (Massa) and takes 4 hours 20 minutes at a cost of  $57 USD.

Train Stations

Each town has a train station for the slow regional trains that go through tunnels carved out of the cliffs.  Four of the towns have shuttle boat service during the day.
(not Corniglia)  Boats run starting Easter weekend through to November.

The Gothic architecture of stone structures cobbled together in villages joined by a network of walking trails gives the visitor a glimpse into life of Medieval times.  The five villages still practice the simple farm life and they harvest of the sea in small boats.    
Cinque Terre is a
nature park.  
The Park preserves the environment and the air quality by operating an eco-friendly  shuttle bus between the villages so that people will not need to drive.

The villages built into rocky enclaves on the mountainside  are surrounded by this nature park.  The Park operates the shuttle between villages for visitors.  If the hiking gets too much, the shuttle is a good option. Walking is the ideal way to get around, however, the view  while walking in the terraced vineyards of the coast is a stunner.

At around $60 USD, the train out of Rome's  Roma Termini is an ideal way to visit Cinque Terre.  You wont have the expense driving the 300 or so miles, paying tolls on the highways, and paying to park a vehicle once you arrive.  The train also puts other cities like Pisa and Genoa within reach.

Train Travel to Italy's  Five Villages of the Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare are connected by train.  These villages can provide modern lodging, dining, and hiking in the preserved park of Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre's ferry boats connect the villages (not Corniglia)
The villages practice the trades of fishing and intensive viticulture.  The intense growing on the south-facing cliffs has created a unique landscape with stone walls so extensive that guidebooks make comparison to the Great Wall of China.  
Auto rentals at the Rome Airport, FCO,  include an airport tax}

Nonstop trains run to Rome's Termini Train Station  from 7:30 am to 10  Pm
If you will cab into the city,  the licensed Taxis with a meter are the best option.

Cinque Terre Weather

Winter,   82f  High days,  Summer,    38f lows, nights Winter,  63f  nights Summer
If you are flying into Rome for a trip to Cinque Terre you can count on the temperature being warm year round. You can keep your wardrobe simple.  
Cinque Terre will be casual dress throughout.  Hiking clothes for trail use between villages
Rome has a climate similar to the mid USA at sea level, cool Dec. Jan. 40s but no ice or snow, warm summers, June July August, 80s  possible light rain in Spring.

Cinque Terre is north of Rome on the Mediterranean Coast south of Genoa.

Cinque Terre via La Spezia to Monterosso al Mare by train could be the least expensive way  to reach Cinque Terre from Rome (Airport FCO).  
While visiting Cinque Terre you will not need a car.
Riomaggiore start of the trail to Manarola
Trains reach Cinque Terre hiking trails, Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre trains reach the villages via tunnels in the hills
Cinque Terre Italy
Hiking Trails above the villages of Cinque Terre connect the five villages

Trains and Prices, Fast Trains

The trains to Cinque Terre will offer choices.
There is fast train that will leave Roma Termini Station in Rome and take three and a half hours to reach La Spezia, a transportation hub just south of Cinque Terre.

Trains from the airport reach Termini Station with frequent trips,  

Cinque terre ferry boats serve the villages
In Riomaggiore the trail to Manarola can start at these steps and run along the shore for the half mile trip.
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Cinque Terre train
Rome to La Spezia
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