Copper Canyon Train Schedule From El Fuerte,
50 Miles Inland from the Pacific Coast Station at
Los Mochis
Copper Canyon Train Service
the rail service to the Copper
Second class service now runs as
part of the first class train on some
days and on others as a separate
train.  The schedule changes with
the demand.
Getting to Copper Canyon:
By Bus or Car: From the US the Omnibus and the Chihuahuenses Bus  serve Chihuahua City
from El Paso/Juarez.
From Chihuahua, the Estrella Blanca bus serves Creel with 7 departures each day making the
5-hour trip.
To reach Chihuahua from Creel, catch the Estrella Blanca bus across from the Creel  train
station starting at 7 am.
If you drive into El Fuerte, find the road to Hoyanco just after the Pemex station. Stay on the road for six
kilometers and you will reach the station. You can park in a secure lot run by a family just to the right as you enter
the station parking area. The family parks you in their back yard for 100 pesos per night.  If you board the train
at El Fuerte, you haven’t missed any of the scenery; the first 50 miles east of Los Mochis are through flat
At the El Fuerte train station, look for the sign (right) for the secure all night parking.

First Class Train 200 USD approx RT
Second Class $100
Copper Canyon Train Stations from the west
Passengers have two options to start the trip from the
western end.
The best is to drive or bus to
El Fuerte and board the
train there. (Route 32, fifty miles northeast of Los
Mochis)  If you are driving south on Route 15 from the
USA,  watch for the El Fuerte turn-off, Route 1,  just
south of the Sonora/Sinaloa border.
Train ticket to Creel, $80 USD
El Fuerte has an interesting
history and well preserved
Centro Historico.
Hotels in the center of El
will help with
transportation to the train
station, six kilometers south
of town.   A cab to the station
will be 40 peso per person
for a group or 100 pesos for
a single passenger.   
el Fuerte
Behind the house there is a gated lot where
the family parks cars for overnight stays.  
Coffee and food to the right
Copper Canyon Details:
This graph shows the height in meters elevation of each station and the distance in kilometers between the station
at Chihuahua in the east and the stations along the line to Topolobampo/Los Mochis in the west.  There are 180
miles between El Fuerte and the village of Creel.  This is the most spectacular part of the Copper Canyon.
Creel and Divisadero are among the highest village in elevation at around seven thousand feet. (2330 meters or
7644 feet for Creel)
Second class
service no longer
follows this
schedule.  First
class service still
leaves at 6 am.
Hotels in the area
Hotels El Fuerte
Independent Travelers:  In Creel check the Margarita Hotel (just a short walk down the hill from the station)
an independent traveler' delight with a well maintained
room and two daily meals for as little as $12,50
a night. Tours offered from hotel
From the US: Buses run from Nogales or Tijuana to
Los Mochis where you can get a bus to El Fuerte
Copper Canyon Train Schedule
above from Chihuahua Inland
on the eastern end of the train

Second Class service now runs as
part of the first class train
The Copper Canyon Train Schedule offers El Fuerte,
50 Miles Inland from the Pacific Coast Station at
Los Mochis.  El Fuerte is   a good option for a trip to
Mexico's Copper Canyon.
Passengers can board later in the morning to start
the trip from the western end.
El Fuerte Station  offers parking a
few miles from hotels, and the  
preserved Centro Historico.

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