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Cross Border Bus Travel Through Mexico, Tufesa Bus Service
After the Tufesa Bus trip to Mazatlan,  Primera Plus Bus is a good option for first class service to Mexico City.
From Mexico City's Terminal Norte, ADO buses run south to Oaxaca City

If you are making a Day of the Dead trip, plan on arriving a few days or a week before  October 31; that is when the cemetery vigils start.  
See the Oaxaca
Sand painting process

Oaxaca  is a magic place on
October 31 during the night. The thousands of candles light up the tombs and the faces of the people as they sit by the graves.

  • Bus Trip, Tucson to Oaxaca
Mazatlan from Tucson will take 16 hours
This might sound grim to some but the luxury Tufesa bus is a high tech rolling hotel made for sleeping. Once darkness descends (7:00 PM) you can sleep and the miles will speed by.
Bring warm clothes (air conditioning) and ear plugs (action flicks)
  • Bus Line Options
Primera Plus Bus out of Mazatlan makes a good option because it goes as far south as Mexico City.  Tufesa ends its run in Guadalajara.  
  • Bus Terminal
Terminal Norte in Mexico City offers ADO first class luxury  bus service to Oaxaca City.
Tufesa Bus

Cross Border Bus Trip Through Mexico.

You could travel from Tucson Arizona to Oaxaca, Mexico by bus for a festival such as the
Day of the Dead celebration.

The event is a week long spectacle, one in which the candle-lit cemeteries are spectacular.  
You can watch artists create sand paintings during the week before the cemetery vigils and then take part in cemetery visits on October 31, The cemeteries are magic places during the evening vigil.
The cross border buses and Mexico's extensive first class bus service put all the colonial cities within reach for the budget traveler or those that prefer to see the scenery.  
Sonora State, or plan an extended stay in Mexico,  you need a visa (TuristCard)   Info
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From Tucson and Nogales farmland reaches all the way south for 600 miles but at Mazatlan the mountains below Durango start to pinch in and the farms turn to citrus and tropical fruits.
At Mazatlan you cross the
Tropic of Cancer and enter the true tropics.
If you are making a slow trip you might want to see some sights along the way

See "
Alta Vista Ruin Site on the Tropic of Cancer"
To reach the ruin site; go to Zacatecas either from Durango City or from Zacatecas City. Alta Vista is near Sombrerete in the small town of Chalchuhuites. It is a little-known site except for those that follow the solstice and the Zenith days. The site is located directly on the Tropic of Cancer.

Tip: Estimate the Miles and Time Between Stations

You can plan a long bus trip through Mexico with rest or sightseeing stops by using the maps offered by Guia Roji, a book of 42 maps that fits in the daypack. It is important on a long bus trip to
estimate your miles between cities and bus stations, more importantly, your time between stops. Plan on doing 50 miles an hour and plan your departure so that you arrive in your destination terminal early in the morning so that you have daylight to explore the city, beach, or ruin site.

An example is the trip from
Tucson to Mazatlan; it is 800 miles distant, which computes to a 16-hour trip from Tucson. Therefore, if you leave Tucson around noon or early afternoon, you will arrive in Mazatlan at 5-6 am and you will have time and daylight to explore the beaches.

Mountain travel will be much slower than 50 mph. A trip from Oaxaca City to the Pacific Coast beaches of Puerto Escondido or
Zipolite for example will cover only 125 miles but take 7-8 hours. You can ask the ticket sellers at the station the trip duration but they are not always informed.

If you do head inland to Durango from Mazatlan, pick up some motion sickness medication. The mountain road to Durango is as steep and twisting as any you will ever see and bound to make you queasy.

Bus travel is not always about saving Money: the trip might actually cost more than air travel when you consider the expense for hotels, food, and sightseeing.
Bus travel in Mexico can be about comfort, adventure, flexibility, and a boots on the ground tour through the city, ruin site, or village.
You will be free to detour, stop, speed through, or lounge for a few days. It is comfort and lack of anxiety that many people like.

These tips might help you see more and see it comfortably. Saving money (not likely) if it happens at all, will be a plus
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Cross Border Bus Travel Through Mexico via Tufesa Bus Service to Guadalajara is available.  
Autotransportes Tufesa Bus Company runs Tufesa luxury, first class buses through Tucson.  From Salt Lake City, Uta, Las Vegas NV and 16 cities in California, Tufesa runs to Guadalajara, Mexico
Cross Border Bus Travel Through Mexico via Tufesa Bus Service is available.  
Tufesa Bus Company runs Tufesa luxury, first class buses from Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas NV and 16 cities in California to Guadalajara, Mexico with stops in major cities along the way.
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