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The next day we arrived in Aruba. This island is made for tourists. The ship docks the night. Public transportation makes it very easy to get around this island.
We Cruised the Panama Canal, Caribbean, and Aruba

In April my husband George and I took a 10-day cruise on the Holland America ship Zuiderdam.

The ship was wonderful as we have come to expect from Holland America Cruise Lines.
Cruise to Aruba, the Caribbean, and to the Panama Canal
Cruise through the Caribbean to the Panama Canal
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Panama Canal is the only place in the world that the captain’s control of his vessel is surrendered to the The Panama Canal was built for cargo ships to save time by not having to go around South America to reach the Pacific Ocean. Today’s ships save at least 26 days by using the canal.
On this cruise we were only going half way through the canal. We were in the Caribbean Sea having to go through three locks to get to
Lake Gutan, which is at a higher level than the Caribbean Sea.  It’s amazing how the raising and lowering of the ship in the locks is done with water and gravity.
It took about fours hours to get through the locks and back to the Caribbean Sea to head on to Costa Rica our next port of call. It would have taken 8 to 10 hours to reach the Pacific Ocean going through the canal.

We arrived the next morning in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a third world country with the average salaries being around $5,000 a year. The government is working hard to bring up the standard of living for its people by providing education and health care.
Curacao. I love this Island. First timers should take a tour much of it as their can. The next day we arrived at Downtown Downtown are great are great shops and cafés to and cafés to have a drink opening and closing of "Big Emma" the floating bridge
The resort area we didn't get to see, I was told it was a few hours away from where the ship docked. We arranged to go to a pineapple plantation during our visit. It was a interesting tour with plenty of fresh pineapples to enjoy.
We arrived back in Fort Lauderdale two days later and caught our flight back to Boston on Jet Blue with wonderful memories of the people and countries we visited.
a cadet on the training ship at Mass Maritime.
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newspaper, a cable television station and currently working in the art department of a major Photographing first as a hobby and now in her own small business, Nancy's photographs have won many art show honors and have been published in Tourism brochures.
Nancy concentrates on photographing New England scenes but also loves traveling and photographing in Europe.
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We Cruised the Panama Canal, Caribbean, and Aruba.
In April my husband George and I took a 10-day cruise on the Holland America ship Zuiderdam.
We Cruised the Panama Canal, Caribbean, and Aruba
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