The Burgundy Canal is much the way it was when constructed in the 17th and 18 th Century.  The canal boats running today are quite different the original cargo vessels; they offer catered meals, chef on board,  and on some barges, culinary themes that delve into wine and chocolate or the local wines paired with French cooking in a week-long exploration of French culture that can give the traveler quite a unique experience
The old barges started their runs in 1832 carrying commercial cargo and passengers.  Cargo rarely traverses the canal now but much history and tradition lingers and one great way to experience it is on a barge tour with a French chef cooking the meals.
A three-kilometer tunnel (2.07 miles) is one of the intriguing features of this marvel of engineering. The town of Pouilly has the highest elevation at over 1200 feet above sea level.
The Burgundy Canal remains an intriguing engineering accomplishment and a wonderful place to enjoy a barge cruise through the countryside of France while dining on fresh produce from the local village markets and pairing the meals with the local wines.
Culinary Cruise on the Burgundy Canal,
Wine and Cuisine Cruises
Culinary Cruise on the Burgundy Canal can be a Lifestyle Vacation of French Cooking, Local Wine, and a Week-long Immersion in French Culture
Burgundy Canal, Tending the locks in Dijon
Burgundy Valley Canal Boat Holiday
Burgundy Valley Canal Boats on a canal barge holiday below the castle at Chateauneuf-en-Auxois
Burgundy Valley Canal Boats Make a Barge Holiday Tour Through East Central France
Burgundy Valley Canal Boat Rentals  still  run the 150 miles of the canal that joins the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. They traverse the interior of France on a canal that hasn't changed much since the 17th and 18 th Century.
The culinary cruise boats make their slow runs out of Dijon many other ports and they stop each night allowing passengers to hike or bike to the nearby villages.  A van follows the boat and takes passengers in to the village if they choose not to bike or walk.
Itineraries include Hiking, Biking, Golf, Wine and Chocolate, Culinary wine and meal pairing.   Many boats include all meals and open bar.
Burgundy Valley Canal Boats Leave the Port of Dijon for a week on the Burgundy Canal, here; returning to Dijon  below the village and castle of Chateauneuf-en-
The 11 the century hilltop village of Chateauneuf-en-Auxois  offers the hiker or biker a rest and a tour of the castle.  
Barge Cruises out of the city of Dijon make one week culinary and wine trips on the Burgundy Canal
TGV high speed Train and a high speed toll highway reach Dijon from Paris.
Roads along the canal offer hiking or a tour the villages.  A visitor can hike the bike the roads to the old castles.
How to reach Dijon by rail and rental auto from Paris
French Wine Country.

A boating Holiday could include your own chef on a culinary cruise or you could
cruise France in your own self-drive narrow boat while sampling the cuisine in the local villages along the way.

Barge hire is available on the
Burgundy Canal.
Walk ways along the Burgundy Canal offer hiking, biking, and sightseeing.
Culinary Cruise on the Burgundy Canal,  A Lifestyle Vacation, a Wine and Cuisine Cruise through the Burgundy Valley of Eastern France
A Culinary Cruise on the Burgundy Canal could include a Wine and Cuisine Cruises that becomes a Canal Holiday in French Wine Country.  
A boating Holiday could include your own chef on a Culinary Tour or a cruise of eastern France in your own self-drive narrow boat
A Culinary Cruise on the Burgundy Canal could include a chef, wine expert, daily trips to vineyards and wine cellars, meals in renown restaurants in the Burgundy Valley
Best Time To Go To the Burgundy Valley:   
  • Cruise Season, Hiking and Biking
April to October  is canal cruise season and good times to go to Burgundy for Barge Tours, Dijon visits, biking and hiking along the canal and veloroutes, and the culinary cruise vacation.  
  • Weather
The weather in Burgundy is temperate March and April (50-75 F) Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration.  Weather is good in September October, great months to visit.
  • Low Season
From  April to mid May the barge tours and hotels will not be booked solid so prices are lowered.  Mid July and all of August can also offer lower prices because much of France goes on a six-week vacation.  The last two weeks of October can be low season and the end of the cruise season for some providers.
  • High season
Hotels in the area and barge trips have their high season, mid May to Mid July and early September to mid October.   
Travel To The Burgundy Canal
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In France and Italy you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license    Italian law, however,  requires that.....  See Article
Culinary Cruise Burgundy Canal
Wine and Cuisine
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