San Felipe del Agua, Day of the Dead,  Oaxaca
The Day of the Dead Festival is a three day November holiday when families prepare the tombs for the return of the spirits.  
In San Felipe del Agua as in other cemeteries flowers play an important role in decorating the tombs and home altars. Families leave offerings for the spirits in the home and at the cemetery.
Flowers and candles make the cemeteries mysterious places during the November vigil for the spirits. Your visit is welcome
San Felipe del Agua cemetery, Day of the Dead
San Felipe del Agua
The Day of the Dead in San Felipe del Agua, a few miles north of Oaxaca's zocalo, is something special.
The community is small, family oriented, and well to do.  
The cemetery decorations reflect a modern approach to the celebration while still honoring tradition.
Oaxaca Day of the Dead Schedule of Cemetery Visits
October, 31
Xoxocotlan. This town a few miles southwest of Oaxaca City  has two Cemeteries, Cementario Viejo, and the new Cementario Nuevo.
October 31, the village of Atzompa holds a later cemetery vigil starting around 11 pm.

Day of the Dead November 1
Oaxaca City Cemetery, Panteon General on the east side of the city
Tlaixtac de Cabrera, six miles south east of Oaxaca City

San Felipe del Agua, north of Oaxaca City November 2,

Village of San Antonino Castillo Velasco  A flower growing village that celebrates a week after the others
San Felipe del Agua holds its Day Of The Dead celebration on the night of  November 2.  The San Felipe del Agua cemetery is a few miles north of Oaxaca's historic center and reached by bus or taxi.
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Day of the Dead Oaxaca Mexico
  • San Felipe Day Of The Dead,  Cemetery visit Bus Transportation  
To reach the San Felipe cemetery take the bus that runs north on Pino Suarez at the Llano Park.  The buses stop running at 9:30 pm.  
  • Taxi
Taxis run to the San Felipe del Agua cemetery and run well into the night and early morning.  The one-way cost about 40 to 60 pesos depending on where you board.
How To Reach the Day of the Dead Oaxaca Mexico Cemeteries for Visits
Families will construct themes based on the traditions and they gather at the graves and socialize.
Candles and flowers are the predominant theme but the families often create an artistic motif more modern than in other cemeteries.
San Felipe is a community of profesionals and intelectuals and the cemetery reflects the make up of the community.    
Day of the Dead, Oaxaca
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