Driving in France, Highway Travel, International Traffic Symbols
Driving In France differs little from driving in the USA except that narrow roads in the rural countryside and fast and impatient drivers among the locals in the city  and on the highways may be a surprise to the less than aggressive American and Canadian motorist.  .  
Once you leave the highway,
Will it fit:
Highway Travel is simple enough but the narrow roads and Medieval city gates will make you appreciate the compact car and Small RV.
Speed Limits
Speed limits in Europe are in Kilometers per hour and are clearly marked along most roads in France, often with flashing lights.          
Speed bumps do exist on the roads of France but in limited numbers and are not the Mount Everest variety found on Mexican roads. They are  marked by a tent like symbol that will at first fool the US driver looking for a campsite.
130 Kilometers per hour on a clear day 110 in the rain.   Accurately this is 80.77 mph when clear, 68.35 in the rain and by the rule of thumb described below it comes out to 86 when clear and 72 when raining: close enough.
Highway Travel
Highway driving is just like highway travel in the US with toll tickets, rest areas, food and gas stops all being very similar.  Keep small change handy in coins for the automatic toll gates.
Highway Travel, Car Rental,  International Traffic Symbols
In France the Highway Traffic Laws vary little from the US, Canada, or Mexico
Driving in France: No driving test needed, renting a car very similar.
Familiar highway gas stops will make highway driving easy in France for American and Canadian drivers.
While the Mexican motorist will not find Pemex, the
International Traffic Symbols and laws will be familiar
Gas is more expensive at the highway stops than in the city or village market
Gassing up on the highway will be much like the US or Canada with rest stops, café, lavatory, and information
The big i for information
The Rotary will be helpful for finding ones way
No Passing for commercial vehicles
No Passing zone ends
Highway or Expressway
Intersection with right of way to right
road showing right of way
with yield to traffic in rotary
Highway speed Limit, reduced in rain and fog from the usual 130 KM per hour for clear day speeds on Franc's toll roads.
Warning ahead triangle, Europe
the No Stopping Symbol
the Dead End Symbol
The International Traffic Symbols in France and most of Europe use the graphic image rather than language as found in the USA.  Some symbols can be understood at a glance without fluency in the language.
A diesel vehicle will be less expensive to run.   When gassing, note that fuel will be less expensive at the local filling station  or Market in the small town or village than on the highway.  Diesel is called diesel or Gazole in France.
Right of Way:
France traffic entering a highway must yield.  This is true also in a rotary.  In the past cars entering  from the right had the right of way .  This law has changed but the habit lingers.
Signs often denote right of way.
Use caution in the rotary and on country roads when there is traffic entering from your right.
In Priority Right  (Priorite a droite) the vehicle entering from the right once had the right of way.  In small towns and in the center of big cities,  the new law has not fully caught on.  
Vehicle in the rotary has the right of way
Highway speed limits and other International Traffic Symbols in France are  graphic images rather than language as found in the USA.  Most symbols can be understood at a glance without fluency in the language.
Driving to Provence: Rental cars are available at CDG Airport and high speed toll roads will speed you to Provence.  A one day trip is possible but a two day trip will allow sightseeing on the way,
Driving in France includes Highway Travel where the International Traffic Symbols are used.
Driving France's highways is otherwise similar to travel in the US with high speed toll roads, and rest areas/gas stops
Driving in France includes Highway Rest stops and gas stops.
The International Traffic Symbols are used on France's highways but they are otherwise similar to travel in the US with high speed
(80 MPH) toll roads.
Return the rental car with an empty tank?  See Policy details
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations.
Information for those renting a vehicle in France and Italy
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