Driving in Italy, Car Rental Luggage Space, Standard Shift
  • Speed Limits
Speed limits in Europe are by KPH: Kilometers per hour and are clearly marked along most roads
On Italy's high speed roads, drivers will come very close behind you to pass and it is best to pull to the right to let faster vehicles pass    
Speed limits are clearly posted in Italy and france as above; this is 80.77 mph when clear, 68.35 in the rain  130 Kilometers per hour on a clear day 110 in the rain,
Car Rental, Luggage Space
When shopping for a rental car, you should consider your need for luggage size of the vehicle. Some agencies suggest the number of bags that each model can carry.
A trunk separated from the passenger compartment will help conceal luggage when you park.

Shop on line well ahead of your trip.
Another important consideration will be your ability to drive a standard shift vehicle.  You will find Highway driving is just like highway travel in the US with toll tickets, rest areas, food and gas stops all being very similar but hill villages will require skill with the clutch in standard shift vehicles.
Familiarity with the
International  Driving Symbols would help. A map legend will have explanations of  the various  symbols and road sign logos.
Car Rental in Italy will include options on luggage space, gas or diesel, standard shift or automatic, cell phone, car seats, international driving permit,  and, international traffic symbols
Auto Rental and Driving Italy's highways is very similar to Rental and travel in the US  or Canada with high speed toll roads, and rest areas/gas stops.
In Italy the Traffic Laws, International Traffic Symbols, and the renting of an automobile varies little from the US or Canada
  • Exit Signs
An exit sign showing the route number of the feeder road with the towns listed.  The speed limit is listed on a white sign with a red circle: 90 KM per hour or about 56 miles per
Car Rental can be booked on line with Auto Europe, booking for major rental agencies located in all major cities in Italy and at the airports
Standard shift rental will be the least expensive but require skill Italy's hillside villages.
Driving in Italy is done on the right side and is  similar to the USA, Canada, and Mexico
Return the rental car with an empty tank?  See Policy details
FCO) and good roads will speed you to Rome in about forty minutes.   20 miles approximately.
From Rome, high speed toll roads reach all of Italy.
Highway Stop in France will offer gas and diesel, information, snacks and water.
Rain Rodolph Photos
Return the rental car with an empty tank?  See Policy details
online well ahead of your trip and choose diesel or gas, luggage space, standard or automatic, two door, four door and other options.  Reserve extras such as baby seats, strollers, telephones.
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations.
Information for those renting a vehicle in France and Italy
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