Driving In The USA, International Driving Permit for Vacationers from Europe
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Motorizzazione Civile dei Transporti in Concessione (Ministry of Transports). issues the permit as does the ACI outlets
The UK Automobile Association issues permits
Each states automobile club issues the permits IDP
The Royal Automobile Club de Belgique issues permits.  the  (R.A.C.B.)
The automobile association of Ireland issues the Permits
The Public safety Commissions of each state issue the permits.
In Spain the Real Automovil Club De Espana  nickname
RACE issues the permits
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Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in The USA.
The International Driving Permit allows the authorities to read your license from your home country.  Each State in the USA  (50 different states)  has its own law governing motorists. It is prudent to carry an International Driving Permit as well as your home country license and passport. (license is not a form of identification)
In Canada the CAA will provide the permit.
Italian law requires that visitors to Italy from outside the EU carry an IDP as does Spain, Portugal, Greece, and several of the former Soviet Union countries. Check the European licensing body for the location of a provider.
Sample countries below.
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US Government Information
The International Driving Permit for European Vacationers in the USA alows the authorities to read your drivers license and verify that you are licensed in your home country. Driving in the USA includes traffic laws that differ from State to State but are similar to those in Europe.
USA Mount Rushmore
Driving in the USA will offer National Parks such as Mount Rushmore

Texting and cell phone use is considered distracted driving and is against the law.
Seat belt use and child seats are mandatory.

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