Driving In The USA, Traffic Laws And Driving Tips For European Vacationers
On the highway keep to the right except to pass, Speed limits for clear days and lower limits for rainy days, and reduced speed for exits make the USA highways familiar to the European or Canadian driver.                  
Gassing your vehicle is similar to the procedure on the France high speed toll roads with  self service in most US cities except those that have opted to retain service station attendants.
Automatic shut-off pumps, and the use of the credit card are common.
. Diesel is not as common as it is in France but is available on the high speed interstate roads.
Highway Travel in The USA
Highway driving is very similar to travel in France,Spain, Italy, Canada, or Mexico.

Toll roads called turnpikes or Pike will have pay station when you enter.  It might also involve taking a ticket and paying when you exit the toll road.

Rest stops will offer gas and diesel some with information booths.  
Yield on re-entering the highway
speed limits in the USA will top out at 65 miles per hour on a clear day.  and a reduced speed in  rainy conditions..
You will find convenience store on every corner and strip malls at every crossroads on secondary roads so you will never be far from bottled water, food, coffee, and gas.
Prices will vary considerably with the premium price charged on the high speed turnpikes.
Expect to average about 50 miles per hour when traveling in the US. Speed limits are enforced by radar.
Toll Ticket Europe

Rental agencies have made renting a car in the USA an easy process.  With your credit card reserve a wide assortment of models,  no mileage fees, car seats, GPS, cell phone rental, and with some vendors , a  liberal drop-off policy.  
Shop on line well in advance and compare prices,  This will give you the best options.
Luggage space will be a factor.  Consider a vehicle with a separate trunk so that luggage can be stored out of sight..  

Rental agencies in the airports make rentals simple, especially in the west at airports like Phoenix and Las Vegas where many visitors start Grand Canyon trips. Book your vehicle online to speed the process and allow you to shop and save money.

Reserve extras such as telephone, car seat for children, GPS well ahead of your trip.

Traffic Laws, International Traffic Symbols, Leasing, Renting
Any driver from France, Spain or Italy will feel at home driving in the USA. Laws are similar to those in Europe for travelers to the US  or Canada with similar speed limits on high speed toll roads and right of way symbols at rotaries and exits.
Drivers in the USA find that the Traffic Laws  and  Renting of an automobile varies little from France, Spain, Italy  or Canada
The exception will be the
lack of International Symbols in the US where signs are in English.
Pay as you go toll roads speed traffic between cities and often parallel an older free road,.much like in France and Italy
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in The USA.
The International Driving Permit allows the authorities to read your license from your home country.  Each State in the USA  (50 different states)  has its own law governing motorists. It is prudent to carry an International Driving Permit as well as your home country license and passport. In Canada the CAA will provide the permit.
Italian law requires that visitors carry an IDP as does Spain, Portugal, Greece, and several of the former Soviet Union countries. Check the European licensing body for the location of a provider. You must obtain the International permit in your own country.
Photos of Highways in France. Details differ little than those in the USA
Return the rental car with an empty tank?  See Policy details
selection, price, and ease of booking on the web. . Shop online well ahead of your trip and choose diesel or gas, luggage space, standard or automatic, two door, four door and other options.  Reserve extras such as baby seats, strollers, telephones.
Driving in the USA for European vacationers will invlolve traffic laws and driving tips not much different than those in Europe.
Rental is similar, and roads are much the same as France, Italy, and Spain.
Driving in the USDA offers roads through Monument Valley, USA
Monument Valley, Desert Driving USA
Monument Valley, Driving USA
Monument Valley, Driving Southwest USA
You take a ticket at the tool booth and pay according to the distance covered,  just like Europe
Driving in the USA offers good roads through Monument Valley in the Southwest or Arizona and Utah
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