Emmanuelle Guyon,  "Manu" Artist  Creating Unique Art
Manu displays her paintings and jewelry in the Cafe Royal Restaurant in Oaxaca.
French Artist Manu has studied in China, France, and Mexico where she has studied lost wax process jewelry and where she creates unique art and jewelry at her studio.
French Artist Manu creates original art and Giclee prints for worldwide shipping.
French Artist Manu  creates unique art, jewelry, and hand painted jewelry boxes at her studio for shipping worldwide.
Order a signed print, a quotation painting, a bedroom print, or a girlfriend gift of an original signed print from French artist Manu who is noted for her whimsical and fairy tale illustrations
Manu Offers her signed prints,  quotation painting prints, and bedroom prints, girlfriend gifts with whimsical and fairy tale illustrations

http://www.en.emmanuelleguyon.com       ===> website in English.
http://www.en.emmanuelleguyon.com ===> sitio en frances
http://www.art.emmanuelleguyon.com ===> sitio sobre el arte
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